Football Ground SN Bet Anyone?

4/10/07 9:41 AM
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anyone want a screen name bet on any of this weeks up and coming premiership or champions league results? just to spice it up a bit
4/10/07 10:31 AM
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oh, and FA cup. will comtemplate most bets
4/10/07 10:34 AM
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LOL, where's E2H gone? He was always a sucker for those screen name bets!
4/10/07 10:46 AM
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come on geordie? i got man united to go thru the champ league tonight and make it to new wembley on saturday?
4/11/07 3:14 AM
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As if I would take that bet.
4/11/07 8:53 AM
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lol, well i thought i was risking it saying they would get through last night. noone forsaw that result i dont think
4/11/07 3:45 PM
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why dont u come up with a bet for me to take on then?
4/12/07 3:15 AM
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I'll have a think....
4/12/07 5:27 AM
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OK, I'll bet Milan win the Champions League. Loser has to change their screen-name for a month. who wants it?
4/12/07 5:36 AM
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ah i fancy Milan to get it, but with united and possibly chelsea or liverpool to get thru im not so sure. theyve not been convincing
4/12/07 8:30 AM
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I might take that, let me ponder.
4/12/07 9:11 AM
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I'm not going to bet....but I'm sure somone will take that Joe, that is a ballsy wager by you.
4/12/07 11:01 AM
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well im gonna put my confidence in united to win the champ league, but im not gonna say they will.... i will however say that milan wont, so Joe i will take your bet
4/12/07 11:07 AM
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Yeah Joe you've left yourself a bit open there with that. You must have some confidence in Milan...or know something we don't.
4/12/07 12:03 PM
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"Yeah Joe you've left yourself a bit open there with that. You must have some confidence in Milan...or know something we don't.", I suspect Joes' "national pride" probably has a bit to do with it!! eh Joe?
4/13/07 7:07 AM
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lol, no its not national pride or anything. I think its great so many English teams have gotten through. I've just got some bizarre hunch. Two English teams in the final seems too good to be true, as does Chelsea winning all four titles. I'm betting on a Milan-Liverpool final and Milan shall triumph. Loser gets new SN for a month.
4/13/07 7:49 AM
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I'll take the bet I'm a big AC Milan Fan, so basically i'll be glad to change my screenname for a month in case of CL victory.
4/13/07 9:33 AM
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lol ok im not taking the bet then.... fine!! anyone else?
4/13/07 10:34 AM
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Take Joe's bet, not gonna get a better offer than that!
4/13/07 4:28 PM
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Kurt, if ya don't mind bettin with a mudnamer, I'll bet you that West Ham will survive regulation. Loser changes name for a month...
4/14/07 10:12 AM
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yeh i dont mind taking that one..... 6 games left, two of them are against united and chelski. altho they have a couple of bottom clashes with sheff u and wigan. i will take the bet tho, i think west ham are going down
4/14/07 1:24 PM
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LOL, both those bets are horrible!
4/14/07 7:03 PM
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Gov, hush!!! i might gain some respect via this
4/15/07 8:08 PM
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Alright Kurt ya on! But I apparently cursed them, 3-0 after I offer the bet?.......Dammit! I know its a bad bet Gov, but I'm trying to earn my stripes a bit to be a fan.
4/15/07 10:31 PM
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you got sack should have brains, but you got sack!