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4/14/18 11:46 AM
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Out the 24th they say.


Can't fucking wait!

4/14/18 12:20 PM
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Backed it way back when. It looks awesome.

4/15/18 6:29 AM
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I am looking forward to this game big time. I loved the old battletech games. I think I got the old disc with the games on it and old instruction booklet somewhere still too. This is a make or break game. If you can't recapture some of that old glory and feel I can see this thing tank'n with the fanboys.

4/16/18 8:23 PM
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Razer game store has a 20% discount plus you get a $15 credit to their store

4/25/18 1:04 AM
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Definitely scratches that XCOM itch.  Getting good reviews, and I've been having fun with it, but only a few hours in the campaign so far.


Some serious difficulty spikes though, and it is unforgiving as hell.

4/25/18 12:22 PM
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I played through the tutorial missions and just started out on my own with the merc company. Loving it so far, can't wait to customize my lance to my liking.

4/29/18 2:29 PM
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wow. great game. really enjoying it and have yet to even really start the story. i've just been grinding 1/2 skull contracts to build up my money and fully upgrade my starting mechs. very fun tactical gameplay.
4/29/18 9:42 PM
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Yeah, having a blast with this.

My current lance is a Twin Large Laser Quickdraw + Laser-boat Hunchback + PPC/SRM6 Shadowcat + Med Laser/LRM20 Shadowcat.

All with above average weapons, and some other tricks like com units, targeting computers, and cockpit protection.
Then I have a Wolverine and Centurion for subbing in when mechs are in shop and I need to keep the C-bills flowing.

But always within two or three months of going broke still.


4/29/18 11:03 PM
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Im somewhat far through the campaign I think, I now have to do 3+ skulls missions. I have a Dragon which is kind of a shitty heavy mech but it's one of only 2 heavies I have so it's alright, at least it doesnt run hot. My other heavy is a Quickdraw with a PPC/AC10 an med laser. I have a Centurion outfitted as a missile boat (3 LRM15+ or ++) and I just got a Griffin to use as a scout. The Griffin driver has 10 in Piloting and when I move a lot I can get 6 stacks on evasion on him, which makes him pretty damn hard to hit.


Really enjoying the game so far although the ''Liberate Smithon'' story mission was incredibly annoying. If you are up to that mission in the story you better be very well prepared and outfitted with a lance that has good heat management.

5/1/18 11:58 AM
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almost 20 hours in and still haven't done the first mission. having fun fighting the good fight in Detroit.
5/4/18 9:30 AM
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I finished the campaign last night. Even without grinding missions overly much it still took like 45 hrs to complete it, and it almost feels like it's just the beginning (whole starmap gets unlocked when you're done). Great game.

5/4/18 1:20 PM
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congrats Eisenberg. I just finished the 2nd mission lol with like 35 hours played. Noticed after doing the second mission all the contracts went to 1.5 to 2.5 skulls. Is that normal? Kinda worried now as I was grinding .5 skull and 1 skull contracts before starting the storyline.

look forward to getting deeper into the story. seems pretty compelling so far. be cool if after you were done the campaign you could go deep into the Periphery and carve out a little bandit kingdom for yourself. :)