GamerGround Brook X One Adapter

2/11/18 1:49 PM
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Fuck try this again.

I know ther are a lot of people that don't like the ps4 controller or just prefer the XB1 controller more. Personally it never really mattered to me until I started playing Monster Hunter World. The ps4 controller just didn't feel right to me so I did some research and found this.

The Brook X One adapter is an adapter that will let you use your XB1 controller with the ps4, Switch or pc wirelessly. So far I've only used it on the ps4 but it works perfectly. No lag. Only downside is that the rechargeable battery lif isn't too great. I would say 6-8 hours tops. There may be an issue if the ps4 has a system update but Brook has been pretty good in the past with a driver update for their adapters within a day or two.

I'll try to answer any questions if people are interested.

Link to the next round of pre-orders due within the next month or so. I believe US only

Link to an invite from me. I get points for discounts if you purchase anything. Not neccesary but appreciated