GamerGround FortNite (PC or XBox1) Anyone play?

2/11/18 12:20 PM
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So, I just discovered the game is super capable on PC when using a controller, so now I alternate between playing on PC or XBox 1, depending on how I'm feeling.

Anyone wanna party up and talk shit about people?


XBox1: NowWatchMeFlex

PC: IAmSincognito

10/6/18 8:05 PM
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I just started playing on my laptop, 38 years old I wanted to have something in common with my sons who are into it, but DAMN is it a tough learning curve on the keyboard I feel like I'm in slow motion and getting wrecked in the game. All i can do so far is collect guns and build a ramp, by the time I see action the first guy kills me I can't even hit a shot!

11/15/18 4:24 PM
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Easiest thing to do.  Is get a mouse with a few thumb buttons. And assign them to build walls ramps floors etc. 

11/15/18 9:19 PM
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I'm definitely going to do that