GamerGround OG BattleField 3 Platoon Registry.

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Alright, time to get organised.

I'm going to try and maintain a registry of all OG'ers who play battlefield and organise it into the 3 posts I've reserved below me, sorted by platform.

I'm going to need you guys to leave what platform you play on, your game name on it, what region you live in like US, Europe, Oceania etc. If you've played BF enough  feel free to leave your favourite class or vehicle role and I'll add that too.

If you guys can think of anything else, let me know.

This will mainly be used to expediate the creation of 3 official OG platoons on each platform and get every joined up to them. I believe you can join multiple platoons so you will still be able to join one with your friends as well.
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Platoon  -  *Donkey Punch All Stars*  -

OG Name  /  Game Name  /  Favourite Role  /  Region


TheSergeK  /  SergeK (AttakReload)  /  SL Support, HC pref  /  US  /  Platoon Leader  (HAS VENT SERVER PM SERGE FOR DETAILS)
Despot76 / despot76 / Medic / US
Mike Litoris  /  Seahippo  /  Engineer-Jets/  US  /  HAS SERVER  /   KBT 24/7 Conquest Large (seattle) 
jfcundiff  / jfcundiff  /  All Rounder  /  US
treebush  /  treebushel  /  Medic  /  US
Mayfield  /  tipsymayfield  /  Undec  /  US
Wallison  /  wallison33  /  Asslt/Recon  /  US
Bewts  /  Bewts  /  Medic  /  US
Misoza  /  misoza  /  SL Medic, Chopper Pilot, Conq Pref  /  Oceania
Ghengiseanie  /  GhengisKhaan  /  All Rounder, Conq Pref  /  Euro/UK  
starhunk  /  starhunk  /  Asslt, HC Pref  /  CA
RML  /  Ryanix  /  Medic  /  US
JayKay  /  Magiciano  /  Euro
Str8shooter04  /  ryanrr990  /  Engi/Recon
Carnage425  /  ShockwaveFG
HungryHungryHobo  /  RhythmShockZero
Puddlesmith  /  Puddlesmith  /  All Rounder  /  US
UberkneedInTheDiveritculitis  /  TalkingLeaf
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Platoon  -  *OG Gamer Ground*  -

OG Name  /  Game Name  /  Favourite Role  /  Region


The Adversary  /  odb1kenobi  /  US  Platoon Leader
beanouno  /  Beanouno  /  All Rounder  /  Euro/UK
Darth_Vladar  /  mattchoo1  /  All rounder, conq pref  /  Euro/UK
WaltJ  /  Frakers_Revenge  /  All Rounder, Recon Pref  /  US
gatorgar  /  pilknasty  /  All Rounder, Engi Pref  /  US
Sal Penis  /  brucewillis69  /  Engi  /  US
ThinkAlpha  /  thinkalpha  /  US
MojoJojo  /  MojoMcDojo
Gerbacio_PR  /  Sykotic_monkey  /  Assault/All Rounder, Rush Pref  /  US
Mako_  /  spr30-06
guesswhatchickenbutt  /  chickenbuttzz  /  Tank/Engi or Medic
nikesb03  /  nikesbo3
smellin_like_kush420  /  Str8rockin86
tbz  /  tubz05  /  All Rounder  /  AU
Ghost of Retard  /  homoBoNes  /  US
JerseyCityMMA  /  BAYPSYCHO707
The Sorta Kinda MMA Guru  /  jlindahl420  /  Engi/Recon  /  US
I AM A MOFO  /  TheAxeMurderer87  /  US
Kaerki  /  Kaerki  /  All Rounder  /  Euro
Jei  /  Milli  /  Engi,Recon  /  US
DaHomewilder  /  DomeCheck559
MikeFL152  /  mlmaas (and) Maasflow  /  Jihad Support  /  US
Stryfe1982  /  MWB1982
preston1287  /  Montyspythons
InnerTubeCaptain  /  anonymouscuban  (add OG to subject line)
HogWatcher  /  JackSwagger925 
invalid  /  invalid76
Herb15E  /  BigRob15E
Hogwatcher  /  JackSwagger925
Greenup  /  greenup
Cletus Redpecker III  /  PursuedTuba
abi  /  professorpeabody
pinoy413  /  JIU_JITSU_FTW
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Platoon  -  *Ogers*  -

OG Name / Game Name / Favourite Role  /  Region

xXLINDEXx  /  xX LINDE Xx  /  engi  Platoon Leader
Gerbacio_PR  /  Gerbacio  /  Engi/Asslt  /  Rush pref  /  EC US 
NICKMANNING  /  Luca S Buca  /  Fwd Assault, Rush Pref  /  US
sevent2  /  seven49  /  Engineer  /  US
Cro Crap  /  Anthony 0311  /  Medic/Recon  /  US
OKStateGrappla  /  jeffmjr  /  Engineer  /  US
JonesRampagedmySwagger  /  Armbar xx  /  FNG  /  US
Death and Taxes  /  FireflyBomb  /  All Rounder  /  US
TheMorg826  /  StealY0urFace  /  US
Jerkie  /  buzzonjon  /  HC Pref  /  CA
Ghengiseanie  /  Ghengiseanie  /  All Rounder, Conq Pref  /  Euro/UK
billyzane  /  beau44
KingGhidorah206  /  KingGhidorah206
Johnny Fatz  /  Chemdogchronic  /  Asslt or Engi  /  US
Damien8003  /  ProphetofRage83  /  Fwd Asslt
Jeremy Fisher  /  SearchingTudor  /  Recon/Asslt
MezcalMan  /  Sqad127  /  WC US
KirikMyName!  /  Archstanton044  /   Asslt Pref  /  Conq/Rush  /  US
ElChupaNibre  /  RudeDogg211
JimmyCordovaJr  /  Bassi02  /  Medic
Mr. Blonde  /  StocktonBrawler  /  AT Engi
AlphaSlap  /  
Wende11 X  /  AT Engi
JFlash916  /  one1moreshot
R0CK0  /  Wampa Stampah  /  Fwd Medic, Engi
MadDog243  /  HOT WAD  /  Engi,Assault  /  US
Nate H  /  Kodiakflapjack  /  Medic, ChopperGunner
Big Pun  /  Pun DPAS
NotoriouslyBIG  /  Tomevans180292  /  Medic, BroBackerUpperer
mikehh  /  mikeycid
Bananatoles  /  chronickcanuck
NTXMMAjunky  /  cplshiznit215
Tumbado  /  TUMBADO  /  engi
King47  /  THA TALEGA  /  tanker
Caleb R  /  CalebByArmbar  /  WC
The Persian Devil  /  BreaksYourWill
TheGreatGodMARS  /  XAssxassxinx69
ChemdogChronic  /  CheMDogcHRonic
DonaldCerroneTheGuyNateDiazBeat  /  StocktonBrawler
Oppsicrappedmypants  /  blubbychipmunks
Gortcho  /  Decepticon III
JayBird  /  justNcredible 0

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Luca S Buca

XBOX 360

Assault. Run and Gun style, like to put constant pressure on the opposition!
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 I think this will be a good idea.

Ghengiseanie /
I change class as the situation demans usually, Im normally medic/pilot however IN BF3 BEta I enjoyed being a mobile recon. I want my hands on the Mortars so I shall imaging Recon/Support/Medic. I am happy to die for information, I like to get behind enemey lines and steal dogtags. I am a knife whore and a reasonable Strategist. Used to PIlot and Command in BF2.

I love Conquest but rarely have a cooperative enough team. ON BC2 MY xbox guys and I are "rape" artists. Tastefully, artisitically carried out.

10/20/11 2:59 AM
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I think I'll just put you down as an all rounder Ghengi, for brevity's sake. lol.
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PC:SergeK. Game Name: AttakReload - Squad Leader/Support. Have Ventrilo Server. Prefer Hardcore Mode servers only.
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PS3 - mattchoo1 (all lower caps) Europe - UK

Squad Deathmatch, Soon to be deathmatch, all time favourite is Conquest. I have a thing for conquest on a bigger map if I am with people who have a grasp of teamplay.

Usually a medic with the G3 4x scope, pretty decent accuracy about 35% on average I would say. Spend most my time working behind people, reviving and supporting killing fools.

To be honest I play all classes pretty well, learning engineer more now as I used to neglect it, but people are always waiting for you to hop out the vehicle so I never play it much.

Recon is a favourite if I am in the mood, sit back and spot the entire game taking shots at difficult enemies, injured ones and supporting my homeboys taking objectives.

Will go on whatever class is needed, hate teams of all one type.

Basically I am a super nerd on BC2.
10/20/11 8:36 AM
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What are you playing on? PC? Console?
10/20/11 2:54 PM
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BTW I'm in the U.S. and I prefer to play Rush, but don't mind Conquest or DM.
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I have no fucking clue what this means, but my PS3 tag is:


and I like to play Battlefield.

I can fit on any team in any role, but if I had to pick, I guess my specialty is Recon and spotting, with occasional counter sniping.
10/20/11 4:22 PM
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PS3/ odb1kenobi/ USA

A few of us started a PS3 platoon on the Battlelog called the OG Gamer Ground [OGGG]. You should be able to join at release when they put the BF3 Battlelog back up.
10/20/11 7:09 PM
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Xbox / seven40 / Engineer / Ohio Phone Post
10/20/11 8:29 PM
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The Adversary - PS3/ odb1kenobi/ USA

A few of us started a PS3 platoon on the Battlelog called the OG Gamer Ground [OGGG]. You should be able to join at release when they put the BF3 Battlelog back up.

I don't have the source at hand, however I thought I had heard that platoons were being wiped after the beta. If this is the case, they will have to be remade once the game goes live. I'll have a look for the ps3 platoon thread later and add the names in there to the Ps3 index.

Which brings me to another point, any of you guys wish to nominate yourselves to be the one to actually create the platoon, and maybe manage it? (accept join requests etc)

I think it would be better if someone from the US makes them, as you guys are getting a couple days head-start on the rest of the world.

10/20/11 9:26 PM
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^^ Oh, bummer. Well I started the first one, I can start/manage the next one unless someone else would prefer to.
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If you started the PS3 platoon in the beta and you're keen to handle it again you're more than welcome to the position, I'll make a note of it.

Since Serge has the vent server, lives in the US and is just as keen for this game as any of us, I nominate him to create the PC platoon. You cool with that Serge?
10/20/11 11:54 PM
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Despot76 / despot76 / Medic / US
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 I am down. 

Give me a name for teh platoon. I had DPAS - Donkey Punch All Stars but am looking for some input since I got NONE the first time
10/21/11 2:22 PM
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Mike Litoris/Seahippo/Engineer-Jets/North America

And boom goes the dynamite
10/21/11 2:24 PM
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 I also have a vent server, and am renting a BF3 server, it goes live on Oct 25.
10/21/11 6:53 PM
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Nice Mike, I'll note you have vent plus a game server.

Be Advised,

In regards to the platoon name(s), I'm not really fussed and don't care that much. Might be best to have a uniform name across the platforms, however I'll leave it up to the platoon leaders discretion after we get some input from you guys.

So yeah, platoon names?

I also need someone on Xbox to step up an take on the platoon leadership.

10/21/11 6:55 PM
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 Back in the day we had DPAS - DonkeyPunch AllStars for some other og clans. Shall we keep the tradition?
10/21/11 6:59 PM
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That was the WoW guild before it imploded right? I'm down.

BTW I've started pre-loading the game on Origin at 4.4 MB/s.

Say what you want about Origin, but it fucking smokes steam in the DL speeds.
10/21/11 7:01 PM
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 Oh wow. I haven't pre ordered yet... Wont be able to for a few more days