GeekGround Anyone reading dark knight metal?

10/11/17 11:09 AM
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This forum seems to be a majority of marvel readers I don't see any DC talk really at all. Just getting back into comics, I basically skipped the entire new 52 and a little while before that. 

10/11/17 11:19 AM
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Everytime I try to get into DC they endlessly refer to the utter mess that they pass off as continuity and I lose interest.
10/11/17 12:58 PM
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BigWilliam - Everytime I try to get into DC they endlessly refer to the utter mess that they pass off as continuity and I lose interest.

Pretty much this for me.  I was reading (and really enjoying) Gotham Academy, but that ended so...I'm pretty much done.  I don't remember who is writing Dark Metal, and frankly I don't care.  I'm honestly sick to death of DC's "hey let's retcon something and say that it was always tied into the history of everything" type story/event. 

And I no longer know who DC's superheros are.  I mean, I know Superman and Batman and WW...but I couldn't tell you what their origin stories are, for this week.  But based on solicitations, they will all change next week so I don't care. Aside from that, I honestly feel that most DC writers have NO IDEA who the characters are that they are writing about (which is why they are changing the origin) or seem intent to shoe-horn the character into something else (see Batgirl, Nightwing, Cassandra Cain, etc....)

IMO, DC needs to stop telling origin stories and stop retconing superhero histories and stop stealing from Alan Moore in a vain attempt to pull all their s#it together and prove they (the writer) is clever - because they aren't.(Marvel needs to stop with the f***ing events and x-overs and just tell good stories.  Read as: stop trying to tell some bs political allegory.  For some reason, they are unable or unwilling to do that.)


sweet christmas...quite the rant there!



10/11/17 2:07 PM
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Both major companies seem to have forgotten what people want. Good stories. Just that, good stories with characters they care about in some fashion.

Too many writers are trying to prove they can re-invent the name/title/character better than anyone else and it just makes a god awful mess. It is for this reason I am actually happy Kirkman is finishing Invincible and closing it out, so we will never have to see that.
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I have been reading it and liking it so far. For pretty much all my life I was a Marvel fanboy but I can not bring myself to give any money at all to marvel comics anymore. If you're like me, my advice is give it a try. DC is still making comics for what they are supposed to be just some escapism fun. At least the titles I am reading there is no agendas being pushed. There may be some lefty stuff but there is also the other side. The most important thing is they are not trying to do complete brainwash SJW propaganda like how Marvel is now. A good bonus is all of the heroes are still there. Flash is still Flash, Superman is still Superman, Batman is still Batman, and so on. You may have to catch up on their stories but they are still the same heroes. You do not have to worry about Batman suddenly being a handicapped black lesbian like some marvel hero, Batman is still Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne.

Besides Metal some of the titles I have been reading that I am enjoying is The Flash, Superman, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns, plus some others but those plus Metal are some good fun.

Also DC is cheaper to buy. Most titles are $2.99 and special events are cheaper then Marvel special events also

10/13/17 10:21 AM
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Yeah I started picking up a few things. 

I got the first three TPBs for action comics which I liked. 

Then I bought the metal issues and the dark knights #1s on my tablet.