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I haven't seen it posted here, but Len Wein died this weekend. He was one of the creators on the X-Men relaunch with Giant Sized X-Men, and created Swamp Thing and Wolverine. He helped Dave Cockrum create a large number of the "new" X-Men.
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Not familiar with his work but RIP.
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David hayter (screen writer for xmen and X2, metal gear solid) told a cool story

When david was going to the first screening of xmen a friend was bringing him in first.
A guy who was first in line

"Why does he get to go in first?"

"Because he wrote the movie"

"Well i created wolverine"

David - "whats your name?"

"Len Wein"

David - "ok you can come in with me"
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From http://www.cbr.com/chris-claremont-len-wein/

“I just kind of eavesdropped as he and Dave started structuring out and building Giant-Size #1,” Claremont said. “As they were structuring out the story, I was listening from outside the office, and then kind of wandered in. Just listening to them bouncing ideas back and forth was fun. And then I had the ridiculous good fortune of, Len ran into a problem at the end of the story: how to get rid of the bad guy, Krakoa, the Living Island? I came up with an idea that he used.  That was that, as far as I was concerned; I’d just watch him and Dave have fun on Giant-Size X-Men for the foreseeable future, and the next thing that happened was that Marvel decided they didn’t want to proceed with a giant-size quarterly. They wanted a bi-monthly regular-sized comic — and also, that coincided with Len deciding that he’d had enough with being editor-in-chief, and that he wanted to move on as a writer. [He] ended up with his pick of the top four books of the Marvel line… Len knew he had to give something up, and X-Men was it. He didn’t even get the chance to ask anyone, I basically tackled him and said I wanted it. Len, to his inestimable credit and probably his equal frustration, said yes.”

“The nicest thing, at the premiere of the first Wolverine film: Len was the guest of Hugh Jackman,” Claremont said, “and Hugh got up to make a speech before the film started and said, ‘I’m here, and my career exists because of this man,’ and introduced Len. ‘He created Wolverine, and Wolverine was the horse I rode in on.’ That was an incredibly cool moment for Hugh Jackman to say this to him in public, in front of everybody — this was a big premiere — and for Len to get the attention and applause he deserves from people in a related industry where people respect and admire and benefit from his work. I think, and hope, there’s an opportunity for that to happen more often. The heartbreaking thing is that he won’t be around to see it.”

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^^^^ So when will Ryan Reynolds be giving Rob Leifeld props for his career?!?!?