GeekGround Poison Ivy & Swamp Thing: did they ever pollinate?

5/19/17 5:12 AM
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...and if not: WHY? They HAVE to have intertwined their branches and exchanged some pollen at some point, right? right? Swamp Thing is probably king of cunnilingus, with this multitentacled beard. It's save to assume that he'd water Ivy's bud pretty good, if you know what I mean...

Yes, I'm talking about fucking.

Yes, I'm bored.

5/19/17 10:33 AM
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apart from the idiocy - I started the thread because I actually wanted to know, if the two plant-beings and plants/forrest/swamp protecting characters ever were romantic - or maybe fused somehow? Seems like a pretty obvious story to write.

5/19/17 10:52 AM
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Never saw anything about it happening. But I am not a DC regular.
5/20/17 4:31 PM
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5/21/17 2:40 AM
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Poison ivy must have quite the bush.

5/21/17 8:08 AM
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5/21/17 2:48 PM
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Audrey -

Swamp Thing penetrates Black Orchid's sternum with his fingers, mingling their DNA. After that, he presents her a handful of seeds created by the mingling.

Abby: Alec? Who was that?

Alec: She old friend...of an old friend. I her...babies.

Abby: Uh. Right. Y'know, Alec. I, uh, I think we're going to have to have a talk about this.


This was from the black orchid miniseries.
Great art.
5/21/17 5:39 PM
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In for pics of Barbeaux's tits