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11/19/12 12:31 AM
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Is that Lori is still alive in the comic universe.

Yup I said it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I think the baby was shot but she didn't take enough damage to die. Did we see her die and come back? Was there any closure?

What about the woman they referenced around issue 94-96 that they wanted to bring into the community who "cried a lot."

Welcome to the dead zone bitches. See you when the proof is available. Phone Post
11/19/12 1:50 PM
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I was just having a similar conversation with my brother at the gym the other day.

I honestly like that the show hasn't stayed faithful to the comics. It's "Walking Dead" in spirit and characters, but not a word-for-word rehash. This way, there's always room for shock and change, but still faithful enough that we are attached as readers.

Conversely, I love that "Game of Thrones" has, for the most part (except the end of last season) has been almost word-for-word faithful to the books. Obviously there are deviances, as the show can't cover all the characters and angles the books do, but they try to keep it close.

I guess it depends on the genre, the story, etc., but there is room for both types of interpretation.
11/21/12 11:04 AM
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Why is Lori being alive or dead in the comics a problem for the tv series? It's not the same story. Lori was not a complete bitch in the comics either, but she was on tv.