Chris Brennan Gotta lose weight in 13 days!!!

11/2/03 1:28 AM
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Hey Westside, i'm in Australia where good advice is very scarce. I have been trying to get my weight down for a fight at 62.5 kgs with a 24 hour weigh in. I have been eating good quality food, no carbs at night, small meals all day and lotsa water. I know that your fight with Gomi required u to lose alot of weight, you still looked really strong to! My weight now is 68 kg's and i need to be at 62.5 (149.6 to 137. lbs) I usually can cut about 3 2.5-3kg's in water for a fight but i am getting desperate. Any advice would be massively appreciated!!!
11/2/03 1:32 AM
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Are you only 12 over right now and you have 13 days left?
11/2/03 1:54 AM
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yep 12 over is that unreasonable? i have a 24 horu weeigh in prior so i can rehydrate etc any advice would be much appreciated
11/2/03 1:59 AM
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I have done 16 in 24 hours so nothing is impossible. I would say get to within 8 pounds and then cut the water. I will help you do that. As far as diet goes you should do more cardio. DO it first thing in the mornign before you eat anything and do it last thing at night and eat nothing after that. You should be drinking a minimum of 1 gallon of water a day. What kinds of foods are you eating right now?
11/2/03 2:11 AM
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Bro i cant thank you enough, i am getting fed advice from so many sources its so confusing, none of which are fighters. I am drinking a shitload of water, more than 1 gallon on average. My normal meals look somethign like this: Oatmeal with half a banana and a scoop of whey. Glass or 2 of water and a cup of green tea. Snack of Almonds/dates and some more water. Lunch usually a salad with grilled salmon ( i make it night before) sometimes a whey protein shake after midday training before lunch. Snack again, maybe a ryvita cracker and some more almonds and some fruit. Dinner usually either chicken, beef or fish, with salad. Also i have some flaxseed oil and 2-3 glasses of green tea before bed. Problem is i eat quite late coz my last training session is usually finishing at 7ish. I am starting cardio at 6:30 am tommorow my friend has vowed to motivate me to get the weight off lol! What sort of cardio do u do in the night before bed usually? 16 in 24 hours? CRAZZZZZY bro. Did u keep ure gas? I tried ephedrene free hydroxycut but i just couldnt sleep and i felt really shitty with everyone round me. Stopped after 4 days. Again i cant thank you enough, i felt quite panicky up until now.
11/2/03 5:18 AM
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you definately have to cut out the protien shake. cut out all beef and all dairy and you will see a quick difference. DONT take ephedrine or any of that other crap, all it does is get you into dangerous territory.
11/2/03 6:49 AM
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I'm a lactard so no dairy anyways :) So beef is a no no as well as the whey shake. Got it. I'm worried about overtraining but fuckit gotta do what i gotta do. Ttt thanks again for the help guys
11/2/03 9:38 AM
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Zack is correct. Take out the shake and the beef. Stick strictly to chicken until the fight. Fish even has more fat than chicken. Try 20 minutes on the treadmill before you sleep or if that isn't possible try 3X5 rounds of jump rope. Even the bike, just so you are burning calories after eating and making your body work before sleeping. When you say "and a couple classes of water", you NEED to have a 1 gallon bottle of water in your hand at all times so you know you are drinking atleast 1 gallon everyday if not more. When you are within one week please come back on here and I will help you finish this off.
11/2/03 2:03 PM
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Guys thanx so much. I will be back on here in a few days! Its 6am now i'm off to do my cardio just wanted to say thanx first. So u think stay away from fish as well? It shows how much miseducation i've had!
11/2/03 2:46 PM
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I guess it could depend on the fish because there is a big difference between different types of fich. Sticking to chicken is the safest way to go. Oh and dont cook your chicken in any oil or anything else that taste good for that matter, LOL!
11/2/03 8:38 PM
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cheers guys thanx, onto it now. Oh one quick Q, whats the latest u'd eat dinner? I read 4pm on the sample on your site but is that a good idea?
11/2/03 9:26 PM
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I was really cutting a ton for that one. I would say about 6:00 and make sure you are doing something after that.
11/2/03 9:41 PM
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sweet thanx. will be talking to you guys in a week then!!!!! if your ever in australia....
11/4/03 10:25 AM
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No and yes.
11/5/03 1:14 AM
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mushu eat baked chicken!!
11/5/03 2:30 AM
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Dan your post didn't make sence
11/5/03 2:40 AM
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LOL, I had to think about it but it did make sense. LOL fOcker ;)
11/5/03 5:53 PM
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I'm a bit worried, its 8 days till the weigh in and the weight doesnt seem to be comming off. Though i do always weight myself generally post having a meal and drinking etc so that would have somethign to do with it.
11/5/03 6:54 PM
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Weigh yourself 1st thing in the morning after peeing. If it is not coming off you are either not eating clean enough or you are not doing enough cardio.
11/5/03 10:19 PM
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OK i think its coz i weigh myself in the arvo after eating and drinking almost a gallon in the first half of the day haha. heww. Good idea will weigh tommorow morning coz did a monster pee this morning. THanx again man i cant thank you enough. Are you and Pete Spratt comming to Australia or did that not come together yet?
11/6/03 12:59 AM
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The guy didn't wanna to comit to anything. We were just supposed to come to Aus. and hope people showed up.
11/6/03 2:40 AM
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ahh yeh thats a problem with seminars is oz. MMA isnt big enough here yet. I hosted seminars for Scott Sonnon and Igor Yakimov and we also hosted Zemario at our club, i had the same problem. People wouldnt commit ahead, thought their word was good enough, seminars in Australia are not a regular thing i think, which is the main problem, isnt exactly encouraging for people like yourself. Sucks for people like me. The BJJ community is generally pretty good though here but the interest in MMA has been minimal thuis far, though we havent really had anyone besides Randy and Dan Henderson out here covering MMA. Mostly just BJJ or Sub wrestling.
11/6/03 6:05 AM
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so is there no plans to come to Aus as yet? it sux that people won't commit, man i'd love to get to a Brennan/Spratt seminar. hey top job on the forum, i love really good Q&A forums! and you sure have a wealth of knowledge and experience!!! keep up the kickass work!!:)
11/6/03 6:07 AM
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also i am curently dieting, nothing verry drastic, i'm dropping weight nice and slow. i was wondering if you could explain why not to have the whey or steak? interested cos i have both in my diet. thanks for the info man
11/6/03 10:22 AM
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BigD- I just don't eat it when I am cutting drastic weight. I eat it all the time when I am not cutting. If I could just get a set $ amount I would come but the guy wanted me to fight for peanuts and then count on the people for the seminar. I know people would come and ym seminars are not all NHB. I would actually say they are 50% NHB, 50% sub wrestling. I have had the biggest turnout in the Liverpool having 40 students show when guys like Mino, Royce and a few others get 15.