Guam UnderGround MMA Promotions in Guam

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Hello, my name is Adam Jones and I work for a Network that is looking to acquire video of MMA promotions around the world for mass broadcast around the world. Since I'm not from Guam I thought maybe you could give me a hand. If any of you could post any Guam MMA promotion that I may be interested in contacting for this it would be greatly appreciated. Contact information would be a bonus since I will have to contact them. This will be something great for Guam MMA and the sport as a whole so some help would be greatly appreciated. Kickboxing and boxing promotions from Guam would be good to I guess since it's all fight related. Thank you very much, Adam.
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Anyone have anything? There's lots of places close to Guam that would be great too.. If anyone can copy and past and make a post here filling in ANY of these spots about ANY promotions fight related it would be greatly appreciated. * Name of promotion: * Contact person and phone number: * Website: * Brief Description: * Notable Fighters (if any): * Number of shows/hours in library: * Number of new shows/hours to be produced this year: * Language: Thanks again to anyone who has any information.
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Check out
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