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10/27/08 1:34 AM
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  I need info on fighters from Saipan.

I can find no website for TrenchTech-Purebred Saipan, or any other gym from there.

They do little to promote their fighters worldwide. Which is a shame.

 Most of their fights/fighters aren't even on sherdog.

If anyone has, i need info on the following fighters...

Frank “The Crank” Camacho    6-0 ?
???lbs (TrenchTech-Purebred Saipan)

He won the LHW title in the Universal Reality Combat Championship 9, in the Philippines.

Ken “Kamakazi” Tanzawa    6-0 ?
???lbs (TrenchTech-Purebred Saipan)

He fought at PXC 15, last July.

Info on any other Saipan / Northern Marianas fighters would be appreciated.

10/27/08 1:34 AM
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10/27/08 11:52 AM
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TrenchTech-Purebred Saipan needs a good website.

So does Spike 22 and all the rest of the island MMA gym/fight team sites.

Most every website i've seen, so far, for Hawaii, Micronesia, Philippines, etc., all lack good info on their fighters.

Seems their main goal is to make money from selling clothing and stuff.

Seems to me, it's the properly promoted fighters that draw the mainstream public to MMA websites.

Getting a few dozen hard-core fans/fighters to buy a few t-shirts is nothing compared to having traffic from thousands of interested fans/potential fans...who are drawn to it because of the exciting fighters they produce and promote.

If it was me, i'd have profiles for all my fighters...showing their photo, height, weight, hometown, gym/camp, Martial Arts rankings, COMPLETE fight record, fight/promotional vids, and news on their future fights.

I'd also get fight vids of them out on youtube, myspace, etc. And news and results to sherdog and everywhere else i could.

All i can find on a lot of these guys is a few newspaper articles that give almost no info on the fighters.
MMAHAWAII.COM has a lot of articles. But who reads them...a few local hard cores?

Besides, even MMAHAWAII.COM provides no profiles...and hardly ever gives the weight of the fighters in their results.

Let's see a little more professionalism folks!
10/28/08 2:23 PM
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I also need info on most fighters from there is very little available online.