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Anyone checks this forum? Later, 671 Carlson Gracie Jr Team
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Anyone in Guam?
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Guam!hells yeah!
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Gday! yeh I always check in to see how my friends are doing over Seas but not much seems to be happening on the Guam forum. Hows it going Felipe? Ben Hall Carlson Gracie Team Australia www.graciejiujitsu.com.au
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Hey Ben, Long time; how is it down under; we are going back to the Philippines in May for another Tourney. When you coming back to Guam? Alex "Felipe"
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Gday Alex, Maybe back some time this year but no plans as yet. I have invited some of the guys to come over here to train and fight in the Pan Pacific Jiu-jitsu Comp in November, would be great to see you here as well. Good luck in May and keep me posted. send me an email via the website. Ben Hall Carlson Gracie Team Australia www.graciejiujitsu.com.au