10/7/12 9:43 AM
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Not impressed.

nice sake/soju selection though.

me likey Chibaken better.
10/7/12 9:14 PM
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not like it used to be for sure.
Edited: 10/9/12 5:06 PM
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i remember having a crush on a certain cute & chubby aki-no-no waitress years ago. i wonder what happened to her?

i also remember dining there with Mr. FCTV, Dan Henderson, and Dan's "lady friend".

does the ex-military popolo cook still work there? that guy was psycho, but i liked him.

*edited for poor grammar
10/9/12 10:24 PM
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he's not there anymore. neither is chubs. :(
10/17/12 5:31 AM
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Last time I went I was on a date with FCTV. Liked the scenary back then. If one was THAT type of guy, good hunting ground for tipsy asians wimminz.

I liked the food back then too.
10/17/12 2:47 PM
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tell me more about these tipsy asian wimminz
10/19/12 4:17 AM
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R Phone Post
10/19/12 8:29 PM
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I took my wife there three weeks ago and the tab was $160, was good but not great. Won't be going back any time soon. But, I would love to hear your izakaya recommendations.