5/5/08 3:58 AM
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Who is this gal and why do so many hate her?
5/5/08 4:05 AM
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More importantly, why do they call her "Naked Jamie?" Pics would help.
5/5/08 4:09 AM
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 oh man, first rewl of hg. GODDAMNIT POSTY! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!!!


and i believe it's "nekkid". 

5/5/08 4:10 AM
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far right

5/5/08 4:12 AM
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The first rule of the hg is...don't talk about nekkid Jamie? I thought it was ef/pp.
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Posty Magee - The first rule of the hg is...don't talk about nekkid Jamie? I thought it was ef/pp.

It's to post a pic if you're gonna talk about wimminz and I'm a n00b! hahaha So why does "everyone" hate her and why do they call her "Nekkid Jamie?"
5/5/08 4:16 AM
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 somebody get the gurl a screenname.

5/5/08 4:28 AM
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I kissed Nekkid Jamie on the cheek @ PEARL and my c@k fell off 2 days later.

True story.
5/5/08 4:35 AM
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she needs to wear this!


5/5/08 4:39 AM
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 Well in that case Jimmynaks, I guess I wont hope that I wake up and discover that ive magically transformed into one of her tampons or panties.

5/5/08 4:40 AM
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I don't get the fuss. From the pic she seems like a nice enough gal, with a great smile and a gargantuan head who enjoys the occasional glass of champagne.
5/5/08 4:43 AM
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5/5/08 4:44 AM
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 btw, she's always been really nice to me. one of just a few females in my lifetime i can say that about. except of course that night where i didn't exist because she was staring at jason. damnit.

5/5/08 5:05 AM
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In Jamie's defense, she's also always been nice to me as well.

I have a cool pic I'll try to find, of her giving me a look of disgust @ the Car show in 2005.

It won the fokai pic of the week on our old website.

5/5/08 5:11 AM
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The girl in the middle . . .is that like some kind of 'bust belt' or something. To prevent the ribcage from expanding . . thus accentuating the boobage? Anybody can explain that?
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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
5/5/08 5:21 AM
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Also, if she has multiple deadly diseases, how is she still able to pose and smile with such melon-headed grace?
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5/5/08 5:25 AM
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If she and many others are like you stated MrsLizares, I only have one recommendation for all HG'ers.

Befriend butch dykes. The kine that can scrap. That or sole cheeeeks who can scrap.

No woman will f'k with you then. B/c at least your friends may. And maybe they might just take them home too . . and they'll no longer be in your hair evaaahhh again.

True story.
An old friend of mine screwed a f'd up skinny lesbo. Her butch dyke lover got mad and tried to f'k him up at work. His butch dyke friend came to his rescue and scrapped the butch dyke lover.

Kod bless lesbians.
5/5/08 6:12 AM
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or just befriend a womens softball team.
5/5/08 6:20 AM
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Haha!  I got a quick preview of the posts by Mrs Lizares on Sat night when I was at the Lounge.  She was all irritated telling me about all the eggheads.  I told her that I cannot wait to read her stuff.  So far 1 for 1.  Good stuff!  Bash away Mrs. Lizares, although Jamie has always been nice to me as well. 

5/5/08 7:35 AM
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 she's still hot and i am still short and ugly, so I wouldn't mind getting some diseases from her :)

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5/5/08 9:56 AM
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she used to be hotter. . . she put on some weight