Hawaii Underground at what age do you consider a woman, EXPIRED?

10/9/12 5:58 AM
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i'm gonna say, spoiled at 44...

don't wanna go higher than that methinks...

10/9/12 6:28 AM
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Depends on how good of shape they keep themselves. I've seen some 50 somethings I'd stick my ding ding into.

10/9/12 7:13 AM
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whenever she don't take it in the pooper!
10/9/12 1:51 PM
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you guys are NHB for age. jeebus
10/10/12 3:34 AM
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I recently met a 50 some thing pharmaceutical rep and she's fukkin hot. She runs marathons in her spare time and does yoga....

10/10/12 5:45 AM
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TheAlchemist - 

I recently met a 50 some thing pharmaceutical rep and she's fukkin hot. She runs marathons in her spare time and does yoga....

10/10/12 5:58 PM
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I dont think age has much to do with it. More physical shape and "wear and tear," literally and figuratively. Phone Post
10/10/12 9:12 PM
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age has a lot to do w/ it. inner pussy and it's surroundings age no matter how many squats they do?
10/11/12 12:44 AM
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I find that generally, "the inner pussy" as well as it's every popular surroundings are genetic...even if they've had kids. I've had moms with tighter pussies than 19 year athlete chicks.

I've had chicks with snapping pussies before having kids who had nothing but a wet paper bag for a vagina afterwards. But I've also had some that had snapping pussies both before and after.

And though there are always exceptions, I think 44 is a pretty accurate expiration age for an overall number of reasons.
10/11/12 3:38 AM
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Of course there's an old french saying that the perfect aged woman for a man, is to take your own age and divide it in half and add seven. I think this is a French custom I could get used to.
10/11/12 6:02 AM
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Lol moke, id say anatomically yes, until they open their mouf and speak... :(
10/11/12 6:15 AM
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As long as she's speaking French, who gives a shit!
10/13/12 1:47 AM
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from reading this thread it sounds like the number rises as you get older, so much for the future....
Edited: 10/13/12 2:06 AM
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Nah, the oldest broad I ever banged was when I was like 22...she was a very well kept and still held together 45 year old. Even so I normally wouldn't have hit it. But I passed out practically blind drunk on the edge of a bed at a party and I woke up to her blowing me. So I was like, "Wellll...allllright..." so I flipped her over, yanked off her pants and started ramming her.

She's one that actually held herself together till about 50. But that's a rare exception.

A friend of mine was passed out on a couch nearby and I kept looking over to make sure he never woke up. later the following day he tells me he was faking being asleep and was squinting...that fucken bastard.

10/13/12 2:46 AM
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10/15/12 11:39 AM
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About 15-20 minutes after they stop breathing, depending on room temp.
10/15/12 1:06 PM
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u n me think a lot alike fren.
10/16/12 12:19 AM
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The wetter the better
10/17/12 2:27 AM
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Depends, but I don't consider a skinny Asian woman ripening until she's in her late 40's Phone Post
10/17/12 4:10 AM
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Edited: 10/17/12 4:20 AM
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Hell no!


Bai Ling is 46 years old and she doesn't look anywhere near a prune!




Add on 4 years and she'd still have a bod very much like that.

10/17/12 4:17 AM
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10/17/12 4:38 AM
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it's probably dried up horribly
10/17/12 5:25 AM
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after I've gone through them....RUINED. mentally and physically.
at any age.

Statistics don't lie.