Hawaii Underground there r times i'm really grateful to MTV: srv

10/4/12 9:14 PM
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10/4/12 9:26 PM
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dang he was awesome
10/4/12 9:31 PM
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10/5/12 4:15 AM
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dang the emotion!
10/8/12 7:24 PM
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The man. When I heard he died I was almost not surprised. I was like, well THAT figures.

Certain monster players are only allowed to be around for so long apparently.
10/8/12 9:53 PM
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lol oh man that dude is hilarious.
10/9/12 12:26 AM
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i like jm, and hope that the only reason he goes pop is because the fucking industry is making him so he can buy formula for his baby.
10/9/12 12:27 AM
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in other news: i accept the fact that jm is to srv as nickelback is to metalica.
10/9/12 5:57 AM
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This is one of my WOW moments growing up and watching MTV. FF to 3:10. Yes it's Bon Jovi- don't be fooled by the hair...

10/9/12 4:53 PM
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since were talking guitar...anyone on the HG listen to the french guitarist Jehro?

or am i the only homosexuelle among you?
10/9/12 10:25 PM
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it's nice fren
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Cool, he's kinda got that Paul Simon voice thing going on, blended with someone else...I can't quite put my finger on it...maybe Michael Buble or something. Also always love the blend of steel and nylon string.
10/11/12 4:13 PM
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girlfriend just bought tix to go see this nerdy hipsters band at some campy nightclub by NYU. not sure how i feel about it.

thinking i'm gonna have to wear an ironic tshirt and skinny jeans to fit in with the crowd. maybe i'll grow a handlebar mustache. sport some thick framed geek glasses too.
10/11/12 5:04 PM
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Watch you mouf you diss skinny jeans.
10/11/12 5:08 PM
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Wow, I would kill myself if I had to endure more than 2 minutes of those guys!
10/12/12 1:20 AM
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Moke - Wow, I would kill myself if I had to endure more than 2 minutes of those guys!

yeah, its gonna be a tough night for The Freitas.

i think this is her payback for the time i made her see Steel Pulse.
10/12/12 4:10 AM
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you may have to surprise anal her for that faggotry!
10/15/12 11:37 AM
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SRV is the man.
10/15/12 1:07 PM
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dang i was looking for that song!
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I couldn't even make it half way through this...I came...

Aside from his voice being a little blown out, he and the guys having a very "on" night.