Health & Medical UnderGround broke hand,want train,need advice

5/21/09 12:32 AM
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hey, i broke my hand 2 weeks ago,i still try to train as much as i can,it feels ok but it needs surgery, how can i still train with a broke hand... it is my good hand too
6/25/09 3:28 PM
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Ask MDF.

He always breaks his hand before a fight.
10/3/09 8:42 PM
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Squat and sprint more then usual. I had my left hand broken not long ago and was told that doing that would send "signals" to the rest of my body and keep it fit and even speed up the recovery.
10/4/09 5:33 PM
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work on areas that dont involve your hand...I took months off because of a shoulder injury when I should have been runing and doing legs and cardio. ElPapaya is right, It will speed up you recovery