HolyGround Bible study podcasts?

5/31/11 12:10 AM
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Does anyone here know of a good bible/bible study podcast? Your help is appreciated. Thanks
6/4/11 1:02 PM
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6/4/11 8:42 PM
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not bible studies but I know a few good teaching podcast Phone Post
6/4/11 9:04 PM
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That works, what are your favorites?
6/4/11 9:30 PM
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On iTunes do a search: Craig groeschel lifechurch.tv podcast, John Bevere podcast, John pipers askjohn podcast, jubilee Christian center podcast, gracetoyou podcast, best of Kris Vallotton podcast, bill Johnson podcast, mike Hayes podcast Phone Post
6/4/11 9:32 PM
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you may like Wayne grudems systematic theology podcast, and John Ethredge podcast Phone Post
6/5/11 1:43 AM
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I'll be checking out that site Phone Post
6/5/11 1:02 PM
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Same here. Thanks for the help guys. I'm downloading "Who's Bible is it?" and will be checking out all the recommendations.
6/6/11 2:11 AM
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Not a study podcast but if you want a good podcast radio show, try Wretched Radio with Todd Friel. It's $5 a month, but you get a wide variety of Christian topics. Phone Post
6/11/11 7:03 PM
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I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, some about religion. While not Bible studies, here are some interesting ones, available on iTunes as well as their own websites you can google:

Apologia - interesting format, a few Atheists and a few Theists (Christian and other), all intelligent and articulate, debate a topic in a friendly roundtable atmosphere, without trying to score points on each other and trying to find common grounds for agreement. Some interesting topics that aren't normally raised, like political issues and the problems you find in your own belief system.

The Skeptical Christian - No new episodes in a while, but the podcaster does a good job of reviewing the Christian arguments in specific areas of apologetics.

6/11/11 11:38 PM
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Is that the Australian series you posted about earlier, Ridge? I downloaded those on iTunes and thought they were really interesting.
6/14/11 9:33 AM
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Mars Hill Church has a great one.

Ravi Zacharias used to have one and I think you can still get his stuff.

RC Sproul has one that is sound, but I hate listening to him talk.

Key Life Ministries with Steve Brown has a good one.
6/14/11 10:40 AM
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I like R.C. Sproul, but he is a bit too 'in depth' for my tastes. Sometimes reading his books is like reading an English text book.
6/14/11 1:50 PM
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I'd rather read him than listen to him.
8/2/11 10:50 AM
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8/2/11 5:01 PM
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Ttt Phone Post
8/3/11 1:04 PM
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9/20/11 12:35 AM
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gord96 - I like R.C. Sproul, but he is a bit too 'in depth' for my tastes. Sometimes reading his books is like reading an English text book.

I would recommend Spoul. I also think if you are serious, look at John Piper's ministry too.
9/20/11 4:46 PM
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Tony Campolo has a good podcast, not always strictly what I'd call Bible study but good stuff.
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9/20/11 4:52 PM
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Thanks for the links Ridge, look foreward to checking out the second one.
9/20/11 4:54 PM
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Also you can find a lot of good talks by NT Wright here:

11/5/11 12:04 PM
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Blessed Hope Chapel with Pastor Joe Schimmel.He's a biblically based pastor,apologist,and gets real deep into history,and the hermeneutics of the scriptures.


God Bless
11/5/11 12:40 PM
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11/7/11 3:32 PM
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iTunesU has access to a lot of seminary classes. Downloaded a ton the other night from RTS and Covenant.