HolyGround Pastor Josh

7/11/12 4:54 PM
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 See your calling card on the OG. If I'm wrong about your identity then its all still true.
7/12/12 10:19 AM
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zealot, can you explain this post?
7/15/12 11:47 PM
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I answered you Phone Post
7/15/12 11:56 PM
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He's apparently been "chasing me" around forums to see who I am. I have told him a couple times now that I haven't been "running" from him. He seems to think my stance on Christianity is anti-Christian. He seems to hate me. Phone Post
7/16/12 12:04 AM
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so who are you?

7/16/12 12:11 AM
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You'll find out soon. Phone Post
7/16/12 12:28 AM
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you don't even say what church you are from? I will tell you all you want about me, why so secretive?

7/16/12 12:48 AM
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I'm not secretive at all. I'm protecting the integrity of the biblical gospel. The very second I say "I'm from this denomination or this "group", you'll form presuppositions that should not be involved here. I'm keeping you honest. The biblical gospel, nothing more.

You don't need to know where I'm from, who my father is, what my favorite color is who which martial art I practice. You need to know 0.0 of that information or anything else about me. I've issued you a challenge to share the gospel and you seem to be determined to complicate the issue, which would naturally leave you some sort of "explanation" about how rhetoric and definitions, blah blah blah..... I've stated it so clearly it's insane. Phone Post
7/16/12 1:17 AM
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PastorJosh -  I've stated it so clearly it's insane.

How clearly have you stated it?
7/16/12 8:48 AM
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was there meant to be a comma there?

And it seems a bit disingenuous to mock my nick name, (which I have been very open about) yet call yourself pastor, while not explaining which church you pastor. It seems that you are just making excuses. Whatever denomination you are from means nothing to me as far as what I believe. In addition, I don't think I have ever heard you give a clear statement of anything, just blasting what other people say.