Japan UnderGround Masashi Haribe's Koppo?

7/13/06 12:27 AM
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A decade ago, Masashi Haribe sent some of his Koppo fighters to compete against Wajutsu Kesyukai's guys. His guys usually lost. I see his face from time to time in the Japanese magazines. Does anyone know anything of his system? How are his org's matches held?
7/14/06 2:00 PM
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nevermind. Anyone care to explain: http://www9.big.or.jp/~koppo/
7/14/06 10:22 PM
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His system also contains a philosphy of returning the Japanese spirit to Japan--too much Americanization these days. Quite ironic, when you consider that his catchphrase is Japa-Boku (or, Japanese-me. Why not Nippo-Boku?), or he talks about Japaneezu Bokushingu (Japanese Boxing). It (Koppo) is also a system to cleanse and heal the body. Sounds almost cultish. Note--this is what I got from the website link you provided. I have no firsthand knowledge, and I'm sure any one of his students could kick my butt.
7/15/06 2:12 AM
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Akira Shoji beat two of these guys. But these guys used to compete regularly too. Most Martial Arts teachers from the 1970s are whacky (especially those related to puroresu). See Maeda, Sayama, Inoki.
7/16/06 1:36 AM
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ABKZ aka Kazuya Abe and Takumi Yano trained in Koppo.There was a time when Yano would wear Koppo shirts in Contenders even though he didnt train under the Koppo banner anymore.
7/16/06 12:56 PM
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I wish there was more Contenders shows (not the Stallone one). So Yano's base is Koppo. Explains the mustache.
7/17/06 9:28 PM
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Isn't Yanos whole ring persona - the socks, mustache, t-shirts etc supposed to be some kind of dig at that guy?
7/18/06 4:50 AM
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Yes, Yano hates the guy, and everything he teaches/represents. He makes an effort to mock him at every opportunity.
7/18/06 11:42 AM
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and the dislike of women in MMA fights?
7/18/06 8:23 PM
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Yano hates Womens MMA? Whatever, I am a Yano fan - he may not be the greatest fighter ever, but he is certainly amongst the most entertaining. Can somebody fill us in one what caused him to hate the Koppo guy so much?
7/18/06 10:30 PM
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"Yano hates Womens MMA? " Yes. "Can somebody fill us in one what caused him to hate the Koppo guy so much? " I think it's because the shit he teaches doesnt work,but I bet there's more to it.
7/19/06 8:10 AM
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Yano cancelled his December 2004 Pancrase appearance because there was a women's MMA fight on the card. That is classless.
7/29/06 12:01 PM
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