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1/6/14 2:43 PM
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They just disgust me. My students prefer to go to a NAGA tournament over a local judo tournament and I don't blame them. Even my sons lost interest in judo. Regardless of how many times they win their divisions, the state organization does nothing to help them get to the national tournaments.
( unless you live in TX or FLO) USA Judo elite Jr. athletes are the ones fortunate enough with money to travel around for points. Not taking away anything from the current elite Jr. Athletes but USA Judo might be missing a lot of talents out there who are less fortunate and who's families although supportive have other priorities. Sorry for this. I am just frustrated.
1/6/14 2:59 PM
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That’s just it people are frustrated at lack of leadership and rule changes that don’t seem to be warranted.
1/6/14 5:41 PM
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It is indeed a shame that travel is incumbent for young athletes who want to be on the elite roster.  Yes, it is turning into a sport that only some can afford to compete in if they don't have some sort of sponsorship.

There is simply a lack of funds at state and national levels to give the support you would like to see.  USA Judo is about 10,000 members.   The state organizations are much smaller. Many states, they aren't even functioning.  How are they supposed to get the money?

Fundraising for travel has to come from the clubs or parents.  Mojica Judo Club out here in Baldwin Park does an awful lot of different things to try and raise funds for their kids to travel.  Several other non-profit clubs in our area do the same thing.

Looking at the state organizations or national organizations for assistance isn't very fruitful.  That said, they just came up with $4000 for support of 20 athletes @ $200 for a tournament.

As for the rules, I think most of us are in agreement that using IJF rules for youth isn't optimal.  Some people are definitely voting with their feet.

If your sons stop competing in judo, I will miss their highlight reels!  I'm sure they will do well in any grappling venue they compete.

1/6/14 6:56 PM
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I will miss their competition video very much. A loss on this forum for sure. Our top juniors are not furthering their judo careers beyond H.S. The boys are doing wrestling and judo. Then off to college for something other than judo. Our junior girls opt for a college and maybe a college judo club. A commitment can't be made for funding to maximize your potential. Look at Kayla Harrison, Marti Malloy, Travis Stevens, Nick Delpopolo our top US internationally ranked players who devote their entire lives to training judo. They make huge sacrifices for their judo careers. So the reality is very few US players can hold their own a "world stage". There are bunch of US players part of the USA judo team who train just as hard for their chance to succeed. Tough road at best.
1/6/14 9:50 PM
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Thank you guys for your response. I have a non profit organization, but I haven't done anything with that yet. I don't know where to go or what to do to get grants. Any ideas would be appreciated. I would like to help the talent kids that have potential and I am not talking about my kids. I grew up in judo where my parents never paid a dime, and if they had to, I would not do it. So, all elite Jr. athletes were sponsored by the government with conjunction with a private company. Most of the best judo athletes in Brazil come from low income families.
Judo has declined so much in numbers of competitors that is not appealing for students or parents. They rather go to local BJJ or NAGA tournaments that although more expensive they will attract more competitors and give away better awards.
I will push my sons to do Judo competition, will see what happens once wrestling season is over.
1/6/14 11:17 PM
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Grants are pretty hard to come by for youth sports.  I would look at fund raising opportunities for the dojo. 

That can take a variety of forms.  One suggestion would be try to get concessions at fairs etc.  You would be surprised at how much you could raise in a weekend. At the right event, it can pay for a dojo for the entire year.

If you look at any booster club in high school, see what they are doing to raise funds.  Of course throwing a tournament also can raise funds, but you better be prepared to support all the clubs who come to your tournament by attending their tournaments.

The first thing I would do is put a parent's association together. It is their children who you are trying to raise money for. They will come up with  ideas and connections.

Check out the websites for non-profit judo clubs.  What are their fund raising events? How successful were they with them? 

1/7/14 9:46 AM
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That is why I try to take my son to as many seminars or work outs that the Hudson Judo Yudanshakai offers. The proceeds go to help competitors with their travel expenses.
1/8/14 12:18 PM
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The executives at the helm of USA Judo have no passion or even interest in the sport and it shows.
1/12/14 8:36 PM
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My kid is doing judo. For now. I make no qualms about the fact that I would rather have him fall in love with Judo and want to do nothing but judo..


Wrestling is so much more attractive. $77 for a club under SCWay.$14 annual memberships. $10 tournament fees. Tons and tons of kids from ages 8 and up attuournaments. The refs are not acting like stuffy, arrogant pricks towards kids. Coaches are not yelling and cussing at one another.

When you then go and purchase a USA Wrestling membership and decide to try all 3 styles, those events are insane. Truly insane, even on the local level. Dozens of kids, lots of competition, affordable events, an honestly good time without any pretension. Amd, they sure as snot do not charge you more money if you don't stay in this, or that, hotel...

Lets also not mention, but USA Wrestling has it right-- they are focused on trying to spread college programs through the NAIA, d3, 2, and 1 for men and women.. Unlike USA Judo, which is stupidly still unable to figure out how to get along nicely with the NCJA and finally produce college judo to where it should be...

I don't know how much longer I can handle being part of a system with it's own head so far up the dark hole.