Train Judo Ground My Dollamur 2" Flexi-Roll with Flexi-Connect

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Arrived yesterday.  It looks great in my garage.

The product is undoubtedly the best surface that I have practiced on.  The footing is great, and even with the mats placed directly on the concrete, I can still take a fairly hard fall.  If you are one of those dojos that cannot build a sub-floor or need to take up the mats after practice, I don't think there is a better solution out there for you.

My wife has been doing  "boot camp" exercises in the garage, and she loves them.  If you are doing striking, your footwork can remain fast.  Each 5' x 10' mat weighs less than 35 pounds, and moving all of the mats was a breeze with just one person.

The flexi-connect option is fantastic.  The previous flexi-roll required tape. Tape is a bit of a pain if you have to put them down every night. When you line up the flexi-roll correctly it looks seamless.

They do charge a little bit more for the flexi-connect option. It will also delay the delivery for about a week. But in the long run, so what?   I'm in my 50's now, and I want the best surface to move and land on.  A few dollar more investment for the flexi-connect and 2" thickness instead of 1.25" is insignificant over the life of the mats.

If you are a professional martial arts studio, why not give your students the best mats to practice on?  That's why OCJTC has always used Swain Mats, and why we built an incredible sub floor that is seriously the best around, once we had our own space.  I'm thinking of building the Denver Floating Floor system with the OCJTC modification so I can do some real nagekomi drills on it in my garage. If you don't want to be a lunatic and build a floating floor system in your garage, the Swain/Dollamur crash pads are awesome.

Anyway, if you are considering home mats for your garage, or mats for your dojo or gym, go with Swain/Dollamur.  Chuck Jefferson is the best guy to speak with.  His e-mail is  or you can reach him at 408-370-4040 or 800-662-4616.  Website is

11/3/13 10:34 PM
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Looks like you got the best mat(s) out there. Impressive website. Same for the crash pads. Congrats. Practicing in your own garage must be cool.
11/4/13 12:35 AM
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Do they make these with a tatami surface yet? Last time I checked it was just smooth surface (wrestling style).

I've been considering buying these for about a year now and building a sprung floor in my garage too.
11/4/13 8:58 AM
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Yes, they have the tatami surface. That is what I have.   The one issue I am debating in my head about the sprung floor is it takes flexibility away from me in terms of using my garage for other things. With flexi-roll on the concrete, i can simply roll it up in a minute and store on the side. Might just go with crash pad for nagekomi. But if I do the sprung floor it is Denver Floating Floor all the way. I think I can get it done for around $500.


One issue I've been struggling with for years is that I wake up on NYC time. If I work out at night, I get a second wind and am up till 11:00 or 12:00pm.  I get up between 3:00-3:30am. I'm typing this from work, and I've been here over an hour.  Honestly, since my 40's that is a complete drag and I don't work out nearly as much as I should......and it shows.  I'm lucky to have a son who lives nearby who can take an hour here or there to work out, but really can't take the time to drive down to a club, do the class and then get home.  About a month ago, I and another black belt started opening the club up at 4:00pm so we could train together two days a week.  I still do the open mat on Saturday.

I think having the mats now will give me less excuses. I also have some local black belt friends who might want to do some working out together.

Yes, they are the best mats. But I have to take care of what is left of my body, so I'm not going to try and go low end.

11/7/13 10:42 PM
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OCJTR- I hear ya on taking care of the body and the late nights. Our class on Tuesday's goes to 9:45 PM and I am up to 12-1 AM. My Korean training partner has moved So I am left with white, green and a few brown belts. The one black belt my age group has a bad back and can't throw or be thrown. So I am in the relearning phase of judo again since our instructor must "teach" the 80% of students. I can go to other clubs in the area for harder fighting with other BB like you do. Training with white belts is no fun.
11/8/13 1:12 AM
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I just got back from the club about half an hour ago and did some randori with a young German black belt, a middle age black belt and played with a couple brown belts. Now I'm wide awake when I should have been asleep 90 minutes ago.  I never learn my lessons.

My competition days are well behind me, out of shape, no stamina, and the only reason I went was to help teach the players about the new rules.  But you see some of these young black belts and you have to give it a go. I wish I could get over that.

Agree training with white belts is no fun, and I actually don't have very much patience for teaching them.  The greens and the browns I practice with I only use ashi waza.  I only throw them when they use bad posture, cross their feet., move badly, stand bad etc.  I find it a good way to help them develop and learn to attack with less fear. In the meantime, I'm working on timing and movement.