3/27/12 11:25 PM
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 I bought some Windy gloves from Muay Thai fighting .com and they are different than other Windy gloves I have bought in the past. I noticed they labled them as BGVH. Does anyone know what this means? They feel fucking cheap as shit.
3/31/12 7:31 AM
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I tired going to that site but it seems to be down. Its possible you got sold counterfeit gloves.
3/31/12 4:03 PM
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Yeah, does Windy even make boxing gloves.
4/11/12 10:38 AM
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I bought a pair of 16 oz windy sparring gloves and the velco on them are complete crap. The quality of the gloves are great besides that. Counterfeits are always floating around tho.
7/3/12 2:53 PM
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Shop official Fairtex, and there's no counterfiet worries, http://www.fairtexusa.com/collections/gloves
Edited: 7/3/12 3:44 PM
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Fairtex Mike - Shop official Fairtex, and there's no counterfiet worries, http://www.fairtexusa.com/collections/gloves

 lol.. funny you should have posted here. I just bought a pair of boons and hate them. Some folks had some fairtex and tried them on and fell in love. I am buying them in the next couple of days. I'll buy from you for sure.
7/5/12 7:21 AM
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twins or fairtex
8/3/12 8:00 PM
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I train with a pair of 16oz "Ring to Cage" Thai gloves. Great quality. Zero complaints.

Try MMAwarehouse.com
8/5/12 7:48 PM
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OUTCOLD - twins or fairtex
. Phone Post
8/5/12 8:09 PM
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vandelay -
OUTCOLD - twins or fairtex
. Phone Post
Fairtex is more like a mix between the old style windy gloves and cleto Reyes boxing gloves. The twins are like a puffy version of the old windy gloves.

I would go with the fairtex gloves for sure as they are the best gloves I have ever owned. Phone Post
8/11/12 9:07 PM
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I use title, no complaints. Made in U.S.A. i think. Lol Phone Post
8/13/12 10:46 AM
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^made in Pakistan
8/20/12 6:38 PM
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Fairtex or Top King....maemaimuaythai.com Phone Post
8/20/12 10:03 PM
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I actually just a pair of Rajas. Still breaking them in but the seem as nice as my twins and fairtex. Dope colors available too Phone Post
8/21/12 4:48 AM
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There were so many fake gloves in the markets and smaller shops that I went to the outlets at Lumpini stadium. The 10oz Windy gloves I got are my favourite gloves hands down, great fit for my hands, so comfortable and great quality construction. I also have 14oz Fairtex that are top quality. Had both pairs for 3 years now, when I need to replace I'll probably go for Fairtex as Windy is hard to find in the UK.
8/21/12 8:36 AM
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Just bought some 12oz Top Kings which I will report back on over the next few weeks.
8/22/12 1:41 AM
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I have 14oz Rajas which are really excellent gloves. Also have 12oz top king but don't like them so much. Just something about the fit I don't like and my hands get sore if I wear them for too long. Had Twins before and they were good Phone Post
8/22/12 6:27 AM
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Where do you guys use 12 and 14oz gloves? Phone Post
8/26/12 3:56 PM
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Alumynabjj - Where do you guys use 12 and 14oz gloves? Phone Post
At the gym, I'm assuming. Phone Post
8/26/12 5:03 PM
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Bryan72 -
Alumynabjj - Where do you guys use 12 and 14oz gloves? Phone Post
At the gym, I'm assuming. Phone Post
You use 12oz to train? Phone Post
8/26/12 6:55 PM
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Depends on what I'm doing. Sparring, 16. Bag/pads 10 Phone Post
8/26/12 7:37 PM
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Bryan72 - Depends on what I'm doing. Sparring, 16. Bag/pads 10 Phone Post
I have trained at two gyms and never seen anyone use smaller gloves for bag or pad work. I am not ripping on you just wondering what advantage this offers. Phone Post
8/26/12 11:49 PM
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Standard in all gyms I've been at is 12oz for pads and16oz for sparring. I sometimes wear 14oz for pads purely because I like the gloves Phone Post
8/27/12 12:19 AM
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On a personal level, the smaller gloves just feel better. Every gym I ever trained at in Thailand always used either smaller boxing gloves or bag gloves for everything except heavy boxing sparring.

I've had a boxing coach or 2 here in the states that liked using smaller gloves to ensure we weren't being lazy or sloppy with proper technique. Their logic was with the larger, more padded gloves, you really couldn't feel if you were turning over properly, etc.

Like I said, personally, the smaller, sleeker gloves just feel better. Phone Post
8/27/12 12:52 AM
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I only have one pair of gloves at the moment for sparring and pads.

They are 18oz.

I had a mis-communication when I signed up for my acadamy. The strictly BJJ blue belt working the front desk told me the wrong size. The only reason I even mentioned that is because most of the other guys are using 14oz to 16oz. So I'm the odd ball until I need a new pair.

My Muay Thai coach runs two schools and now has his own brand of gloves and shin-guards with the school logo. They look pretty sharp. I know exactly what to buy next time around.

No one's even noticed or said anything about it anyway.