MLBGround Yankees blowing it with Joba

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Joba Chamberlain should be a starter and the Yanks are going to toss him in the pen to be set up man for Rivera. This is a shame, this kid has Dwight Gooden talent IMO. Gooden went 17-9 19yrs and 24-4 at 20yrs, Jabo is a similar talent and 22yrs. He will be robbed as a candidate for Rookie of the Year because the Yankees are throwing him in the pen. This kid is the most talent I've seen in the past decade, his sht is real. Joba should be a starter from the beginning of the season in hopes of getting a few quick wins, giving him the confidence to be a 15+ game winner this year Yankees are fkn up if he touches the pen to start the season. Mold him to be a closer, thats ridiculous IMO I hate the Yankees but this kid is a phenom
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They are just trying to limit his innings ala Liriano 2 years ago. He will still get 20+ starts. They just don't want him pitching 200 innings. They probably want to keep it closer to 150. There have been PLENTY of kids that ate a ton of innings early in their career that fizzled out within a few years. First off his nickname is/has been Joba the Hut because he has a tendency to balloon. Secondly he is not that far removed from college. Finally I think it is the right move. If nothing else it allows him more of a year to get accustomed to the league. They can work on mechanics. I definitely think it is better to ease into the big work load.
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^^^ correct. The Yankees always plan on playing until October.
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yanks are looking to move some prospects for Harden, that would keep Joba in the pen until Harden gets hurt at least
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The guy threw 112 innings combined last year and you want him to start 32 games for the Yanks this year? He hasn't even started ONE game in the majors yet. Only started one game in AAA. If this is the pressure Yankee fans plan on putting on this guy then I'd say his career has one direction to go and that is straight down.
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I'm not a Yankee fan. He tossed 112 last year, its time for him to be in the rotation. He's had normal arm trouble, all pitchers do. not started any games in the majors yet? yeah this should be his year. Yankees lack a solid rotation
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yeah he could become a Prior or Gooden, to many innings to young but he's to good to be Rivera's set up man and if he becomes a closer, getting 50 saves a season isnt easy on his arm either. If he's a starter at least he gets the same days between being on the mound throughout the year vs a closers role.
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Again look at a Liriano type situation with him. Ideally he doesn't have the arm trouble that Liriano does (Liriano will always have arm trouble too violent of a delivery he might be able to have some great years but I think he will be hurt a lot). I really think the Yankees are doing the right thing. Of course they could end up like the Red Sox and Joba could be comfortable and not want to go back ALA Papelbon. I do think that is a waste. I just think that keeping him under 150 IP is an absolute priority.