MMA Memorabilia UnderGround Are there more than /125 signed posters per event?

11/15/12 12:51 AM
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I have come across signed by the card posters that do not have have a COA. They look identical to ones w/ a COA, so I have no doubt they are real. I had always thought the fighters received the signed posters numbered 1-25 (maybe Dana White gets number 1, I am note sure) and the rest are on sale to the public. Some people have told me they make additional signed posters that Zuffa employees can get there hands on. Is that true? Is there really actually 150-200 signed posters per event in existence? Sorry if this has been discussed before.

Also, does anyone know how many signed by the card pride posters they made per event?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
11/15/12 9:08 AM
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Pat Healy gave me his fighter version Tate vs Rousey. It has NO hologram or number. Strikeforce posters are usually numbered to 100. Not sure whether it was a one off but thats the straight dope on that poster at least.
11/16/12 6:22 PM
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IMO, the fighters get the first 24 or so depending on how many fights are on the card. SF has been pretty unorganized when it comes to posters. They've been better as of late but still.

I have 2 signed by posters that were fighter issued, 1 UFC & 1 Strikeforce. Both are numbered within the first 20 posters.
11/25/12 10:47 PM
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Look at this video I came across:

They mention "135" UFC 130 posters were made. I wonder who is getting those 10 that are off the grid. Kind of deceiving as a fan to have holograms saying out of 125 if there are more.
11/26/12 7:31 PM
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I wonder who's not gonna be able to validate that one 135 poster he signed different haha Phone Post
11/26/12 7:36 PM
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yeah, that would definitely be disappointing. Someone recently posted something about having a card signed poster without the hologram. Maybe this explains why. If they say it's 1/125, then there should only be 125.
11/26/12 8:44 PM
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Hard to tell what he means here. he just said he signed 135 posters today, probably means lobby sitters as well. I figure thats what he means because he said after he use to be in a line for hours signing posters
11/26/12 8:52 PM
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there are two other videos that are fairly easy to find where they say 125. BJ penn for UFC 101 and Mark Munoz for his leben fight
11/29/12 11:41 PM
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Rew96 - there are two other videos that are fairly easy to find where they say 125. BJ penn for UFC 101 and Mark Munoz for his leben fight

I saw those videos. Still I have seen examples of additional posters that appeared to be outside the 125 count. Was wondering if anyone has first-hand knowledge of this.