MMA Memorabilia UnderGround Selling bunch of my pride/ufc stuff......

Edited: 9/25/12 10:26 AM
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Finally went through about one third of my shit this last sunday and just listed some stuff on ebay. I will continue to post stuff weekly as I start making trips to the shack. Saved some stuff for you guys who had a request. Not listed on ebay include:

Mirko Bushido -SOLD
Flower GP 2003 unsigned -SOLD
GP 2005 Boy flexing signed by card B2
Ultimate Brazil black -SOLD
2003 Yoshida ring mat/plaque with blood spots #/100
PRIDE 4 flames signed by RICKSON -SOLD
PRIDE 4 white signed by RICKSON

More to follow will update weekly. Sorry for the delay to some of you guys who have been texting/calling me.

8/26/12 5:20 PM
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Sold a royce gracie card 3 months ago for 2k when I was expecting 700 so who knows buddy, supply and demand. Phone Post
8/26/12 9:08 PM
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flyingtoehold -  Going to through storage next week and plan on unloading some of the more rare items. To some of the new guys who don't know me ask around i'm pretty legit and haven't fucked anyone over. Not hurting for money but just bought a new ford raptor, almost paid off trying to get it over with. Save your money fellas, I'll provide the list next sunday or so. Also taking offers on a ultimate brazil, the black one with frank, vitor, and tank in great condition. Fight worn items also. Phone Post

Years ago flyingtoehold you sold me a fake Ufc 22 poster on Ebay if that is the same flyingtoehold who used to sell on Ebay, so saying you haven't fucked anyone over is not entirely true. I still have it if you want to make it right by taking it back? My ebay screen name is grimson0483
8/26/12 9:40 PM
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I'm outta popcorn!! plz hold. jk.. Phone Post
8/26/12 9:56 PM
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What's years ago?? Must of been before the whole cam situation son. No worries, we can make it right. Whats your name son? Pm me with your cell and when you can talk. Put the popcorn away, I tossed all of my fake 5's and 22's once the truth on cam came But yeah, never fucked anyone ON PURPOSE I guess. Phone Post
8/26/12 10:48 PM
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Pm sent I agree no popcorn necessary.
8/27/12 2:30 AM
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call me or pm me vato!
8/27/12 3:44 PM
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 I want the fight-worn GI's!!! Wiat... those are roll-worn, not fight worn... hit me up with a list of sweaty GI's and I'll make an offer!
8/27/12 4:48 PM
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ANDRE GALVAO MOFO!! Not for sale lol. Same number skank, call me I lost yours or pm me yours either way. Phone Post
8/27/12 4:52 PM
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@flyingtoehold, did you get my PM the other day or are you holding off on getting back to people for the moment?
8/27/12 5:04 PM
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Ruben, giving you a ring around 1730 or 1800. Phone Post
8/27/12 5:08 PM
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grkblood - @flyingtoehold, did you get my PM the other day or are you holding off on getting back to people for the moment?
Pm me again I don't remember, sorry. If you have a cell# that's even better! Phone Post
8/27/12 5:10 PM
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8/27/12 7:59 PM
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 I still remember being out bid on that brazil at the last second! I ended up getting a different one but I sent you a pm about something else. Hit me up if you get a chance i'll be leaving town again soon tho...
8/28/12 11:36 AM
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don't have your number anymore...hit me up
8/28/12 11:37 AM
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don't have your number anymore...hit me up
8/28/12 4:29 PM
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Sorry, can't check pm's through the app. Will jump on my computer this evening. Matt what's up?? I'll pm you my #. Derrick hit me up this evening don't know if you're working. Phone Post
8/28/12 10:11 PM
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Can you email me at I'm paying very well for a few things.
8/29/12 3:43 AM
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Flyingtoehold is a standup guy. We were able to settle the whole fake 22 poster situation that occurred years ago without all the drama. Bottom line is he made it right. And after talking, I honestly believe that he did not mean to sell it to me on purpose to screw me over. He legitimately believed he was selling a real 22, and I legitimately believed I was buying one.
8/29/12 2:48 PM
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 I tried calling, went to voicemail.
9/14/12 3:00 PM
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How nice is the UFC Brazil. Im interested
9/24/12 10:07 PM
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TTT updated first post. Ebay seller = flyingtoehold.
9/25/12 12:06 AM
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flyingtoehold - TTT updated first post. Ebay seller = flyingtoehold.
What's up with that ACS Camo shirt? Phone Post
9/25/12 2:44 AM
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aces_taylor -
flyingtoehold - TTT updated first post. Ebay seller = flyingtoehold.
What's up with that ACS Camo shirt? Phone Post
You want one. Lol Let me know. Phone Post
9/25/12 9:54 PM
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How much is the Bj Matt/25? Phone Post