NFLGround Alfred Morris

10/1/12 1:59 AM
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I drafted this guy in the rookie draft of my deep dynasty league (40 roster spots, we keep all 40, so picking up a guy like this is jizzworthy no homo) and targeted him in my redraft leagues as well, was able to pick him up in the 12th or 13th rounds. He's been the gem of the season so far. He doesn't have the flash or elite speed but he just churns out positive yardage every time he touches the ball. Runs angry and wastes very little movement, hits the hole hard, cuts once and goes. Best rookie RB this year so far. Flash be damned, there is something to be said about consistency in the NFL. Always getting positive yardage, protecting the ball, DOING YOUR JOB - these factors will always place you in the good graces of the coaching staff and fellow teammates and perfect for a rookie franchise quarterback adjusting to the NFL. Great guy who remains humble and hungry(still drives a 91 Mazda clunker to practice for fucks sake).

Fantasy-wise, he is a rock solid RB2 who is limited by his lack of usage in the passing game. Today, against the Bucs, he was in a few more 3rd down situations than he has been in previous weeks, so it looks like the coaching staff is looking to get him the ball more, and once he becomes a consistent pass-catcher (still needs to work on his pass pro but what rookies excel in pass pro right out of the gate?), he could definitely crack low RB1 value in future seasons.
10/1/12 2:02 AM
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Morris signed a $2.2 million dollar deal in the offseason and got a signing bonus of $185,000, and he drives a 91 Mazda. He deserves to treat himself to a Camry at least!
10/1/12 2:07 AM
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His 39-yd TD run today. No ankle breaking lateral jump cuts or any of that. Just hits the hole hard, makes a couple of guys miss and he's off.

One thing I've noticed is that he almost never goes down on first contact. Often he will be hit 1 or 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage and he will power his way to a 2 or 3 yard gain. Those types of runs never make the highlight reels but I guarantee you that the coaching staff LOVES that shit.
10/2/12 8:06 AM
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Morris is a beast! I hope he keeps it up. The analysts were talking about him and how he squats in the neighborhood of 650, which is how he is able to keep going after contact to continue churning out positive yards.

Did you see his Mom in the stadium? They panned to her 2 or 3 times... she's a BEAST!
10/2/12 4:48 PM
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91' Mazda FTW!!


Managed to swoop him before week1. The Mazda thing makes me like him even more. Championship. :-)

10/4/12 1:06 AM
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Definitely takes after his mom. Need to pick at one of the most sensitive sensory organs in the body? Use a fucking car key.