NHLGround Canucks Win Cup I'm 100% Sure

9/29/08 12:35 AM
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4-0-0 in the pre-season baby!!! Kyle Wellwood is ripping shit up and is a lock for 40 goals on the season!
9/29/08 10:29 AM
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 *pours Labatts Blue on the curb in memory of the Canucks 2008-2009 season*

Spanky is gonna be pissed to see that you offcially jinxed them even before the season started.

9/29/08 1:55 PM
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Sorry. Toronto is winning the Stanley Cup this year. They killed Buffalo 7-4 in their first exhibition game. They've lost every game since then but don't worry - it's all a part of the master plan.
9/30/08 2:30 AM
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10/2/08 8:48 PM
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5-0-0 after a 6-1 drubbing of the Flames, who played Kipper, their top 4 D and Iginla.

Its mind-bottling how good the Nucks are!
10/3/08 8:38 AM
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PR - 5-0-0 after a 6-1 drubbing of the Flames, who played Kipper, their top 4 D and Iginla.

Its mind-bottling how good the Nucks are!

 Sounds like the Detroit Lions preseason records...  And we all know how that turns out.

RIP Canucks.

10/3/08 10:24 PM
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6-0-0 after trashing the Sharks!
10/4/08 3:54 AM
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 Atlanta had a great preseason record last year and Pitsburgh I believe had a terrible one fwiw.

Still heading into the season with some confidence and having played a lotta kids to figure out who fits where and happening to win isn't a bad thing. 2nd place in the NW behind Calgary is my prediction. NW will be tight again though.
10/7/08 1:40 AM
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If Kyle scores 20 goals ill give you a testicle. If the Nucks win the cup the whole sack is yours.

You should come to my side and be a Blackhawks fan.
10/7/08 3:09 AM
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I look forward to owning another man's testicle.

(never thought Id ever utter that sentence lol)
10/7/08 9:18 PM
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 You mean again?
10/7/08 9:56 PM
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 By "owning" he means "placed softly on my chin"

10/7/08 10:38 PM
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I am sure that would not be the first time.
10/9/08 3:39 AM
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OMG when the Canucks take home the Cup this year, it will be the Ultimate Ownage Ever on the OG.
10/10/08 4:14 AM
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The Vancouver Canucks paid tribute to Luc Bourdon the best way they could: with a victory in their first game of the season.

Vancouver skated to a convincing 6-0 win on home ice over the Calgary Flames Thursday on an emotional evening when the Canucks remembered their former teammate.

Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo made 25 saves to earn his 39th career shutout, Alex Burrows scored two goals, and Swedish twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin combined for five points.


Calgary Flames:
No Goals Scored

Vancouver Canucks:
1. H. Sedin (D. Sedin, R. Kesler) 16:25 1st Pd
2. S. Bernier (H. Sedin, D. Sedin) 0:23 2nd Pd
3. A. Burrows (R. Kesler) 1:57 2nd Pd
4. A. Burrows (R. Johnson) 2:48 3rd Pd
5. M. Ohlund (T. Pyatt, D. Sedin) 10:27 3rd Pd
6. R. Rypien (M. Ohlund) 14:42 3rd Pd
10/10/08 11:49 AM
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PR I really like the toughness the Canuucks added and they were banging the Flames all over the rink. Bernier is a perfect fit for the Nucks.

BTW the tribute to Luc was great!
10/10/08 12:49 PM
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That was a nice tribute. RIP Luc Bourdon.

Should be a nice lil rematch on Saturday! Flames looked like shit.
10/12/08 7:40 AM
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Whoops, 5-4 over the Flames and the Canucks are 2-0 with Daniel Sedin leading the NHL with 5 points!
10/12/08 10:14 AM
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My 2nd favorite team now! I have always liked Vancouver the city and the team was always gritty and had fighters. This year they will be one of the best teams to watch.
10/13/08 5:55 AM
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 Love to see the change of culture & mindset of the team. Damn nice to see them play with some passion finally again. I've been telling everyone I know that they'll be fighting for 1st in the NW and will make the playoffs regardless. Hoping it keeps up :D  
10/13/08 9:03 PM
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I had to go an jinx them.
This is why I refrain from commenting on my 'Nucks, when it comes to expectations.
10/13/08 9:04 PM
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 I'll take the blame for this, PR please carry on.
10/14/08 7:51 PM
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lol, yeah... had to lose sometime. I think I like the fact we were blown out... give everyone a reality check.
Edited: 10/26/08 3:56 AM
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bah 4-4 so far... lots of injuries AGAIN this year fuck, we still have about 10 million in cap space though... thats a relief
10/27/08 3:22 AM
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 Hopefully Gillis has something up his sleeve.