NHLGround Free Agency Frenzy Thread - July 1st

7/1/08 4:35 PM
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What moves do you like/dislike?

I really like what Tampa's been doing this week: Kolzig, Malone, Prospal, Roberts, Vrbata
7/2/08 10:40 AM
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I also like what Tampa has been doing. Top that list off above with Steve Stamkos and the changes they have made are solid. Prospal back with Lecavlier and St. Louis will produce some great results.

Any Avs fans here that can tell me anything about Jeff Finger? Guy goes from earning minimum wage and a healthy scratch for half of the playoffs and is rewarded with a freakin' $14M, 4 year deal with the Leafs?!?

Leafs coach Ron Wilson said he's the most improved defensemen in the Western conference and that Finger was the one matched up with Joe Thornton during the playoffs and that apparently he was benched for some blunder he made. Ice-time also started off at averaging 15 mins at the beginning of the season to 23 mins at the end.

Sundin being offered $20M over 2 years by Vancouver which would make him the highest paid player in the NHL is just ridiculous... Still hope he re-signs with the Leafs though.

Although if he does sign with another team, I think the team he would most likely join is Detroit and I think that would be great too. But would Datsyuk give up his jersey number for Sundin?

I like what Chicago has done, bringing in Huet and Campbell but Campbell was overpaid imo.
7/2/08 11:03 AM
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 Here we go with the overpaying....

7/2/08 1:58 PM
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 jeez, I hope you're wrong about Finger...I had him in my fantasy hockey league but traded him midseason for a bag of pucks
7/2/08 5:08 PM
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leafs got some fast finn from dallas.

lol at colorado picking up raycroft and tucker.

i wonder why campbell went to chicago?
7/2/08 10:11 PM
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Why because in a few years they will be going deep in the playoffs. They have some of the best depth of young talent in the league and elite young talent in the league.
7/5/08 3:54 AM
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Tampa has made some big splashes but honestly they've only upgraded where they were strong already. It'll be interesting to see what more moves they make. I like how aggressive they've been though.

Chicago getting Huet and Campbell are good moves but I think they overpayed on term length and that will hurt them when they should be making the big push in a couple years. Too much overall for Huet too, not a big improvement over Khabby and too much money tied up in non elite goaltending with both those guys.