New York Underground Man Up Stand Up Fight League (NY MMA)

4/23/11 3:12 AM
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Now since MMA is banned in NY this is something I think needs lots of support since its MMA oriented and that is the Man Up Stand Up Challenge in NY they are looking for schools and fighters for their next event May 28th in Jamaica, NY. If you stay in the area hit them up if you want to compete or just want to watch to support the progression of MMA in NY.
5/25/11 3:10 PM
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Hey guys MUSU just made a website to keep everyone up to date with their latest tournaments in NY check out the website once in a while if anyone is looking to do some MMA in NY

5/31/11 12:35 AM
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Those rules are terrible.
Edited: 6/16/11 8:22 PM
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Not really they overlook some of them like the knockout rule they'll let you knock people out but don't beat on someone that is just balling up. They do have a 10 sec groundfighting rule so grapplers have to act fast to pull off a submission to win but the rest of it striking and some throws mostly.