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Doc, I recently bought the p90x workout program. It is awesome.One of the workouts is called core synergistics. There are some awesome core exercises you might want to use in warm-ups.There are several to use,you might want to use a few here and there just to hit the core in different ways.Let me know if want and I'll show you them. I'm sure everyone will thank you for it. TOO HOTTY
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Sounds great. I can't wait to see them.
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TooHotty - you will not make too many friends though giving Doc more ideas.  What we really need are some training ideas on this Hooters event.
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Hey Doc, My wife called me today her brakes are scrubbing really bad. I have to put them on her van,so I probaly won't make it to class.I will be there Wed.and Thurs.I might be off early Tuesday if you want to get together about the core exercises. TOO HOTTY