North Carolina Underground Sale on Triangles

3/26/07 9:57 AM
Posts: 29
Hey guys, I am giving away a triangle to the first 5 people I roll with tonight. Come get yours while supplies last!! Mike...Levi...Kat...where are you?
3/26/07 10:05 AM
Posts: 20
Oh oh oh!! I want one!!! The thing is, though, you have to get me there first. I'm not just giving it away...
3/26/07 11:12 AM
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You have to make it to the workout to prescribe these things.  Tank was feeling lonely for a triangle on Saturday and could not find you.  We figured you were hanging out at the ice cream truck on campus :)
3/26/07 5:43 PM
Posts: 18
Hey Doc, can I take a raincheck till May. Maybe then you can TRY to sell me one. Better yet maybe I'll trade you for a Kimura.
3/28/07 12:38 AM
Posts: 713
Someone would really have a market here, if they were selling triangle escapes.
3/29/07 1:24 PM
Posts: 142

I think many of you are confused by this thread - "giving away trianges" actually means YOU can triangle HIM easily in class.  Doc is the one who needs to buy the escapes!!!!