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5/18/17 6:07 PM
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I matched with this really good looking 19 year old black chick a couple days ago. Her profile said looking for a sugar daddy. So I said I would take her shopping. She agreed and gave me her number. What's the best path for me to get some pussy out of this? %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i68.tinypic.com/104gf8m.jpg%5B/IMG%5D


5/18/17 6:10 PM
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Best way to get some pussy? Probably maxing out your credit cards lol
5/18/17 6:12 PM
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invalid - Best way to get some pussy? Probably maxing out your credit cards lol

Oh hell naw lol. The most I will put out there is 100$ bucks and I better get something in return 

5/18/17 6:12 PM
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Haha, yes let the pussy control you and take all your money, that's the spirit!

5/18/17 6:12 PM
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She better be super hot to even contemplate this.  

Where the pics at?

5/18/17 6:12 PM
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Come on, man. 


I mean.. Come on, man 

5/18/17 6:13 PM
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Get her fee schedule upfront.  

5/18/17 6:15 PM
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Why would you do this?
5/18/17 6:16 PM
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Ask the other 90 guys that she's seeing what worked for them.

5/18/17 6:17 PM
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Pilgor the goat - Why would you do this?

Cause she's really hot 

5/18/17 6:22 PM
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Why not just pay to bang a hottie on backpage instead of taking a girl shopping to potentially get laid?
5/18/17 6:25 PM
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I would feel bad for you but you're clearly a dumbfuck
5/18/17 6:27 PM
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Dont listen to anyone but me.  Do it!  Post pics. 

5/18/17 6:27 PM
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FullyLoadedFists - I would feel bad for you but you're clearly a dumbfuck

Relax man, I havent done it yet. its just a thought 

5/18/17 6:32 PM
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lol at 19yrs old bitch looks 47. Take her shopping for a hat to hide that huge forehead


Saggy pancake tit forehead gold digging slut

5/18/17 6:33 PM
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not fat like i pictured 

5/18/17 6:43 PM
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Pancake tits and a bad outlook on life. Pass on that, holmes.
5/18/17 6:51 PM
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Flapjack's for breakfast!
5/18/17 6:54 PM
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OP, you're a moron. She swipes right on literally everyone just so she can fleece morons into buying her shit. She is not going to meet you and she is DEFINITELY not going to fuck you.

This is also assuming she's real and not some creepy guy who created a fake account.

Lastly, why would you blur her face? It's a random whore on the Internet. Who cares if you post her face. Unless you think she might be the one?!
5/18/17 6:55 PM
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Hit it then quit it.
5/18/17 6:57 PM
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Buy her stuff
fuck her
Call the cops and say she stole it all
5/18/17 6:58 PM
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You dont know how sugar daddys work do you
5/18/17 6:59 PM
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EluThingol - Pancake tits and a bad outlook on life. Pass on that, holmes.
Wheat thin tits imo
Edited: 5/18/17 7:02 PM
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You fucked up by saying you would take her shopping, and now that is the precident you set without ever meeting this person. You will never win this situation... EVER


It was implyed you would be her sugar daddy just by liking her so you never needed to address it unless she did, in which case that could have been done in person and now you have zero leverage. 


This dumbass will not put out for you, because you fucked up your role in the situation which was to be a daddy of sorts and daddys dont just give their kids what ever they want when ever they want it, they got to earn that.  


Change shopping plans to dinner and dont waste your money on terrible prospected people in your life. 


Theres nothing wrong with buying people you want to be around lovely things, but you cant just be someone to take from. 


Its meant to be a two way street and that needs to be earned. 

Just like she more than likely wont put out on the first date, neither should you. 


Its a respect thing and believe me Millenials have a weird sense of entitlement but respect boundaries without being aware of it. 


If she doesnt spend the entire time on her phone, shes a keeper. 

If she spends any time on her phone, you are just being suckered. 




You dont need what shes offering as much as she needs what you do. She wants a real man that can afford to buy her things and be a father like figure that is stronger than the boys shes use to being with. 


Otherwise shes just a prostitute and if thats the case, just offer her cash, but shes not looking for that, she wants more than that more than likely. 


Have fun, but boundaries are good for everyone




5/18/17 7:00 PM
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OMG, is she a conehead?!

Someone please post this picture: