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6/11/18 11:06 PM
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LOL, I didn't read the article, but I don't have to - here is the title:

LIVE UPDATES The moment the US treated North Korea as an equal

LOLOL, I imagine the dumb shit it probably says, that North Korea always just wanted to be loved the whole time, and when Trump finally just gave it a little bit of love, and treated North Korea as an equal, North Korea did the right thing.  It was the U.S. doing the wrong thing the whole time, not treating North Korea as an equal.

Not only would that be a gross misprepresentation of what's happened, but NEWFLASH YOU DICKLESS MOTHERFUCKERS - NORTH KOREA HAS NEVER BEEN AND WILL NEVER BE THE U.S.'S EQUAL.

Fucking CNN.  Fucking trash.


6/12/18 12:03 AM
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6/12/18 12:06 AM
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Umm.  What.

6/12/18 12:08 AM
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Jesus saves
6/12/18 12:09 AM
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Go lick some windows you fucking tard.

6/12/18 12:10 AM
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I blame Dennis Rodman 

6/12/18 1:53 AM
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truewrestler -

I blame Dennis Rodman 

All KJU ever wanted to do was be able to get rim...not dunking, not reverse jamming, just rim.

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They keep bringing Otto Warmbier and his parents into the picture even though it was Obama that hung them out to dry

6/12/18 2:14 AM
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Sogsteel - 

They keep bringing Otto Warmbier and his parents into the picture even though it was Obama that hug them out to dry

The left has a unique ability to slit their own throats
6/12/18 2:51 AM
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CNN is shit. They are so far down the rabbit hole that I cant stop laughing every time I watch.
6/12/18 10:10 PM
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Been watching some CNN for giggles. God damn it is like a 24/7 bashing Trump circle jerk. Every single thing he does they denigrate lol. Even shit that is not remotely close to being news worthy they bring up and put a negative spin on.
6/12/18 11:04 PM
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6/12/18 11:43 PM
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frederic - 

this is a thread killer 

6/12/18 11:51 PM
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So obama dicktucked becuase of the media, and trump did what he thought was correct?
6/13/18 12:16 AM
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frederic -

If this surprises you I’m not sure you know what a pundit does for a living. 

6/13/18 12:50 AM
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Goochy Mang - 
frederic -

If this surprises you I’m not sure you know what a pundit does for a living. 

It actually makes sense when you think about it. It would have been a disgrace for Obama to go over there because he had no idea what he was doing. Well, that's not entirely true, he knew how to suck up to commies and terrorists while getting nothing for his efforts.

Trump has had noko in his sights since he took office. His administration has absolutely crippled them with sanctions, and he is the only president who has been able to make lil kim jump when he tells him to.

Trump had three of our hostages back in the states before he even went over there. Osama bama couldn't even get poor Otto home before he was tortured to death, Trump had to get him home too.

Trump is qualified to negotiate, Obama was not.

6/13/18 1:37 AM
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frederic - 

Always been a dumbfuck.

Hannity, I mean, not you. You've only recently gone that way.

6/13/18 6:01 AM
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First CNN was screaming that we were headed for nuclear war because of Trump, the night before the summit they ran an hour long Fareed Zakaria special about how he should not be having a summit with Kim...

6/13/18 6:43 AM
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John Brennan, the former head of the C.I.A., estimates the chance of a war with North Korea at 20 to 25 percent.
Joel S. Wit, a Korea expert at Johns Hopkins University, puts it at 40 percent.
Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, says the odds may be somewhere around 50/50.
Yet we’re complacent: Neither the public nor the financial markets appreciate how high the risk is of a war, and how devastating one could be.
The Congressional Research Service last month estimated that as many as 300,000 people could die in the first few days of war — and that’s if it remains nonnuclear. If there is a nuclear exchange, “there easily could be a million deaths on the first day,” says Scott Sagan, an international security expert at Stanford. Sagan says the odds of war “are certainly greater than is widely recognized by the American public.”
But the goal appears doomed: Almost no expert believes that sanctions will force Kim Jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons or halt his missile program. That puts us on a collision course, for North Korea seems determined to develop a clear capacity to target the U.S. with nuclear weapons, while the White House hints that it would rather have a war than allow the North to become a nuclear threat.
6/13/18 6:53 AM
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dhughes - 

Just FYI, FoxNews' current headline is


Trump praises Kim Jong Un as 'strong,' 'funny,' 'smart' and a 'great negotiator' in Hannity interview

Well everyone knows the way to peace is calling your opponent "Weak, Boring, Dumb and Inept". What was Trump thinking? Amrite?
6/13/18 6:57 AM
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All the notifications I got from CNN the past couple days paraphrased- "Trump is a big dumb dumb head and he's ruining everything!"
6/13/18 7:36 AM
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frederic -

Did someone bring up Hannity as an authority here?

No doubt you could do the same in the inverse with Rachel Maddow.

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Right Pundits = Obama do bad, Trump do good.

Left pundits = Castro good, Un bad.

And onward and so forth.

6/13/18 10:28 PM
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So what was accomplished Trumptards? Nobel Prize-worthy shit? I guess I thought all problems were solved after the camicuck hannity jack carter circle jerk. But yeah, let's focus on CNN and 'thu MSM'.

6/13/18 11:48 PM
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