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4/16/13 12:11 AM
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It premiered tonight...i thought it was decent 7.0/10 check it out?...it had some cliches but its only a pilot... Phone Post
4/16/13 12:17 AM
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It also has a mmo game for xbox ps3 pc...had good cgi in my opinion for a tv show...kinda like firefly... Phone Post
4/16/13 1:17 AM
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No love ugh...show was fun lol Phone Post
4/16/13 1:20 AM
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Seems like an interesting premise, I'll have to check it out. I'm in the mood for some decent sci-fi. Phone Post 3.0
4/16/13 1:23 AM
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I didnt like it. Dialogue was pretty brutal.

4/16/13 2:51 AM
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Saw ad and it looked good?

Bump for more opinions Phone Post
4/16/13 4:18 AM
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Dialogue was hit or miss true but i thought the show was still good enough to keep watching...and the action was great. Phone Post
4/16/13 6:34 AM
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I'll give it a try, but the promo was constantly running on Comcast as you were going through menus... Phone Post 3.0
4/16/13 8:01 AM
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Was pretty good. Did they explain why there were so many different alienspecies on earth now? I must have missed it.

4/16/13 8:04 AM
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It has fellow Pittsburgher Julie Benz in it, I will be watching. Is it on Comcast OnDemand yet? I know it just started last night, but sometimes they pump them out OnDemand next day.
4/16/13 12:17 PM
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No it didnt really explain the world in the pilot it was most just action im sure it will give more backstory ltr but they had cool races and dialogue its geeky stuff but a fun show which can pick up steam quickly.. Phone Post
4/16/13 9:04 PM
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Got great ratings hightest for syfy channel.. Phone Post
4/16/13 9:09 PM
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I've been looking forward to this show. It's from the creator of Farscape, which is one of my favourite shows. I'll download it today. Phone Post
4/17/13 1:12 AM
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I liked it. I'll keep watching.
4/17/13 2:14 AM
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It was good. I hope it gets better. Phone Post
4/17/13 3:35 AM
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Im sure it will get btr.. Phone Post
4/17/13 4:29 AM
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i prefer my sci-fi cliche

LOL @ the black guy
4/22/13 10:45 PM
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Its on tonight Phone Post
4/23/13 1:11 AM
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Great cgi in my opinion the worlds fun also.. Phone Post
4/23/13 1:18 AM
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It's shite Phone Post 3.0
5/4/13 10:01 AM
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I kinda like the show. Watching the second episode now. Premise is interesting, although the CGI is crappy.
5/4/13 10:03 AM
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yeah... low-budget special effects and low-budget writing.
5/4/13 10:03 AM
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Julie Benz was terrible in the premiere but I kinda like the universe/premise. The show has potential I think, the characters will probably get better as the show goes on.
5/14/13 6:45 PM
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Well it got renewed for season two Phone Post
6/4/13 1:32 PM
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I dig the show and the game. Seems like they were fans of Firefly, which is not a bad thing.