OtherGround Forums Eminem is now at war with the NRA and gun owners

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Well,  he has been known to preach responsible gun ownership in his raps.

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No one cares what that ugly lesbian thinks. 

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Ugh. Why is he doing this to me?
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Captain CargoShorts: Pitbull Apologist -

No one cares what that ugly lesbian thinks. 


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He will do anything to stay relevant at this point. He's realizing a 50 year old white dude doesn't look good with bleached hair and sagging pants.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that most law abiding gun owners don’t listen to his shit (music or otherwise), so I couldn’t care less. 

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Lol is this real life?


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[Intro: Eminem & Kon Artis]
*Gun being cocked*
I'm gonna get my gun!

This motherfucker wants to disrespect me?
Em, Em, what the fuck you doing, man
I got something for his ass
Calm down!
No, YOU calm down!
Man, what's your problem
Fuck that, the motherfucker wants to pop shit to me!?
Man, he wasn't popping shit
You heard him, he was popping that shit!
What shit?
That shit, you heard him!
He asked for your autograph!

[Verse 1: Swifty McVay]
A mass murderer, pack burners to blast further then you can get
My shit be shooting through bricks
I mix anything together, I done guillotine a nigga
Keep a heater that pop clips with seventeen or better
I'll be severing heads, I'm in everyone's nightmare
A nigga that can never ever be scared of the feds
Send the niggas that'll fuck with you
Stab and brass knuckle you
Then have you in the public, there's nothing that you can do
Enough with you're motherfucking tough talk, you're soft
Get you're balls blew off, from a sawed-off, I'm raw dog
Crazier then all y'all, got you like the navy when I'm angry
You'll never catch me hanging in a Narc's car
All I have is thought of, breathing evil
Desert Eagles will eat through people
When I see you I'mma heat your beef slow

Fuck being peaceful, the piece in the vehicle and
(I'm gonna get my gun!)

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I hate that he's doing this. I Hate even more that it's actually in his music now. I actually liked his new CD for the most part. Just too long with too many filler tracks. But there's 2 super SJW songs that are really difficult to listen to. I skip of course, but I know they're there. Haunting me.
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So is the REAL Slim Shady finally standing up ?

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Nothing more than a puppet with corporate executives elbow deep in his ass. Wonder how many semi or even full-autos protect his home and his public appearances. But this dude pushing 50 who made a fortune promoting violence is gonna run around flipping double birds agitating against the little people who defend their right to a degree of the same protection. What a pile of garbage.

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So he basically cleaned out his closet so there ws room for him to be in it.

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He pistol whipped a guy way back when.  I bet that is more of a gun crime than your average NRA member has ever committed.  His opinion means shit. 

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LOL, not surprised he doesn't have the guts to address the real issue. Ghetto trash.
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He has turned into a douche

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Cage all day lol

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Altofsky -

Cage all day lol

This all day. 

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Throwin'Knuckles -

He will do anything to stay relevant at this point. He's realizing a 50 year old white dude doesn't look good with bleached hair and sagging pants.

Sad to see dudes burn their careers down on the way out, like Jim Carrey. 

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No. He's not.

Virtue signaling on social media, making "BRUTAL" Tweets and writing garbage hip-hop does absolutely nothing in the real world. Calling it a war is like calling a puppy nipping at your socks, a vicious dog attack.

No one is afraid of cupcake libtards who crumble and fall apart when they get boo-boos on their feelings. They are the least threatening people on the planet.

"Your Tweet hurt my feelings! I'm going to beat you up!"

Yeah, wake me up when you're done beating me up, sweetie.
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He has stunk ever since his 3rd album. That movie he did was the worst too.