OtherGround Forums How many square foot house for family of 5?

7/20/14 6:55 PM
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What do you guys think is ideal? I don't want to feel tight nor do I want wasted space. To the people with families what do you think is ideal. Obviously you need 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms I am guessing at least.
7/20/14 6:56 PM
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2,693 should be the minimum according to the national hippo institute of family happiness to space ratio association Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 7:21 PM
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1800 would do just fine in my opinion Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 7:22 PM
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50,000 minimum. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 7:32 PM
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Over 2000 with a basement
2500 or so on a slab
7/20/14 7:34 PM
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depends were you live in the world.

In Europe and other countries people are used to smaller spaces. Fpor them all this space requirments of Americans is just silly.

It works out quite well as families are more tight nit and less broken families.
7/20/14 7:42 PM
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depends on what you do w/ the space.

7/20/14 7:43 PM
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7/20/14 8:17 PM
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4000. Only 2 of us and a small dog.
There are parts we never go to.
We didn't want a house this big but we couldnt find a smaller house that had everything we wanted. This one had most stuff on our wish list and the price was right. been repairing siding and other exterior carpentry repairs every weekend for weeks now. Trying to get it ready to be painted in September. Feels like I'll never finish, too big. I love it when I'm relaxing though. Before this house we spent 8 years in a in law apartment that was like 600 sqft. We were hell bent on getting some elbow room this time around. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 8:33 PM
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I got a family of 4 and a 4,500' house and I still can't fap in peace. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 9:38 PM
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I would say 1500 is manageable
7/20/14 10:32 PM
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My house is 1674 sf (3 bed/ 2 bath), which is plenty big for our family of 4. Both my kids are little, so right now we have a bedroom we don't really use, but in a couple years I'm sure the space will be appreciated.

I have a friend who has 4 kids and they live in about 1000 sf, but they like the "closeness". I think they are nuts because it's always a madhouse over there and they spend most of their time sitting out in the yard.

So I guess it depends on you.