OtherGround Forums How much work travel is too much for you?

6/13/14 12:12 AM
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I'm a consultant and get paid ok money but have to travel a lot for work. I live in sunny canada but this whole week I'm in DC, then over the next month I'll be in Fresno, San Francisco and Vancouver for a week each. Usually travel Monday back Friday but sometimes have to leave Sunday early afternoon to fit in with client diaries.

Trips go up and down over the year and sometimes can be home for 3 weeks and maybe only 1-2 nights away.

I enjoy seeing new places but dont like being away from my wife so much and sacrificing my training and other hobbies. Also, staying in hotels sucks and eating out every night is bad for my aging waistline!

I'm kind of thinking of moving to the my local city government department which would mean a $20k paycut but no travel.

Also realize that I might get bored in the one office so no real idea what is best move at this point.

What's the OGs view on work travel? What's too much? Enjoy or hate it? Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:18 AM
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How much do you make now?
How old are you?
What do you consult in?
Do you have kids? Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:26 AM
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Over 40, no kids but planning them, $150k, engineering Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:27 AM
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If I didn't have kids I would love to have a job that I travelled (fly only) as long as they put me up in a hotel with a gym or a rental car so I could get to a gym and my meals are paid for. Otherwise no deal. Paying to eat properly on the road is expensive Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:32 AM
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I would take the city job, you make enough the paycut is manageable. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:34 AM
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Jesus 150k to 130k? Not really a question IMO Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:41 AM
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My limit is once every 3 weeks. After that it's just too much. My trips are usually one or two nights so it's not bad. I'm a super home body and need a base of operations though.
6/13/14 12:44 AM
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Not really abate the money to be honest - I don't care about that. It sounds good but
has some condition. It's a flat salary so I don't get paid extra when away or anything. If I travel Sunday on my own time then I don't get paid. I often leave 6am some days, travel all day and arrive 9-10 (sometimes even 1am) that night and don't get paid extra. Today I worked 7-7 but don't get overtime.

Get my meals paid for and they used to pay 2 beers a night but the beers have just been chopped. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:44 AM
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*about* Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:53 AM
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Former job involved international travel 2 weeks out of every 4. Sounds great right? It was for about 2 months Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 1:31 AM
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Sounds like either way you are pretty set in the financial aspect so.

But umm you better hurry up and pump out that kid .

You getting old mofo!! Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 1:35 AM
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TFK_Dirt24d - Sounds like either way you are pretty set in the financial aspect so.

But umm you better hurry up and pump out that kid .

You getting old mofo!! Phone Post 3.0
I know! Keep telling my wife that I'm my way out and she'll always regret not giving me those bjs when she had the chance.

It hasn't worked yet Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 1:36 AM
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*on my*

Fucking new fangled electronic contraptions Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 1:58 AM
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I work for the international auto show circuit. On the road AT LEAST 10 days out of the month.
All the travel has cost me a relationship, cost me work at home, and isn't that good on the body as well.
While yes the pay is good and it's fun as hell I'd get out right now if I had the opportunity. So if say you should go for the local office and take the pay cut... You'll be happier overall in the long run Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 2:00 AM
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Only you can determine if it is too much. If it is and you can change things up it wold be well worth it IMO using your earning projections.

I will say however you need to be disciplined if you are going to keep at it. If you fall off on the road then you have to keep things tight when home. And vice versa. Better to learn how to travel and keep it dialed in with diet, excercise, sleep, etc...

I travel a fair amount and still find it enjoyable most of the time. For now
6/13/14 2:06 AM
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Ohhhh it's enjoyable and I'm still in better shape than most of the guys I travel with as I workout everyday. I'm talking about the strain of constant travel has on the body. Sickness due to airplanes and all that. And just time zones and being tired.
It destroyed my relationship as I work with models and actresses. Girlfriends aren't as understanding and level headed about that kinda shit. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 2:12 AM
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And realized the post prior to my last wasn't referring to me.. Sorry about that guys Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 3:42 AM
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I make six figures traveling, but had my first son six weeks ago. Priorities change, now I want to stay home but get paid the same... Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 6:19 AM
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I have two toddlers that turned my world upside down. Just a single night away from them for a fishing trip seems like too much. I would travel for work if it was the only way I could take care of them but as long as I have an option I'll be staying right here at home. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 6:48 AM
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Used to have to travel once a month or so. 2 or 3 days at a time, but now I weasel out as much as I can. Now its maybe once every couple of years thankfully.

This is consulting engineer too. It just depends on the client really. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 8:46 AM
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What does an average work day look like when you're traveling as a consulting engineer? It's a bit of an ignorant question but I'm retarded, but what do you do as a consultant?
6/13/14 9:11 AM
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I'm in mechanical design and project management. Really just designing things and providing all that's needed to get them built and in use.

Typical day traveling depends on the type of project and what stage it is in. You could be traveling just to meet with clients face to face and decide on what to do, could be going to sites to inspect/measure or install something, going to the workshop to work out issues with fabrication or tooling,etc.
6/13/14 9:19 AM
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My main focus is risk management so I typically go to client sites and run workshops with planners, operators etc. usually long distance travel involves so try to pack a series of meetings into 2 or 3 days to get best value out of the trip. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 9:24 AM
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I travel all the time (consultant too..). I'm generally away from monday to Thursday night.

Have two small kids so its not easy. The wife is pretty understanding but she does have a group of other mum friends to keep her busy and she works out a lot too with her personal trainer Jamal.