OtherGround Forums If your wife died tomorrow...what would you do?

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Watched an episode of king of queens recently where they were both fantasizing about this...got me thinking...


Id likely go into a deep depression and drink my sorrows away. I'd quit my job, cash out my 401k and go back to what I did before...disappear.

id go to Alaska, as I did at 18-21, and fish. I'd then spend six months grieving my best friends death centered around  booze, women, and drugs in some tropical location, then head back to ak. 

Id likely die working in some fucked up fishing accident or something...

im thankful for the trashlady. 

What would you do? 

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I'd post on the OG immediately 

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Let our son cry on my shoulder. I'm sure it's going to suck but gotta be strong for the little guy.
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Wish her
And cry
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Download tinder
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Buck Nasty - Download tinder

Yeah, this too. 

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I would walk to the nearest police station and tell them why I did it.

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I'd decide to be homeless for a few years, wishing I was dead.

...oh wait...

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I would jerk off a lot. I mean I'd immerse myself into the porn industry, join sites and forums and watch a ton of porn. I would drink a lot and smoke a lot too.
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Dougie -

I'd decide to be homeless for a few years, wishing I was dead.

...oh wait...

Sorry man. That does suck and sorry to bring it up. 

That being said, it's an honest sort of question that you answered. Deep shit. 

I see your struggle and appreciate it in an odd sort of way. No fucking around, you lived through some shit and I have much respect. 

Best of luck Dougie, I always liked your screenname. 

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Collect the life insurance and spend it on young women on back page.
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I have a 5 and 8 year old boys. I have not a clue in the world how I would deal with it

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I would wimper like a baby and drink a lot....then I have no idea 

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Fuck her best friend.
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Marry her sister, the true love of my life. 

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Cry, cry, cry some more

be severely depressed, see a shrink (that's important)

most likely go back to my hometown to spend time with my family for 3-6 months to get my head in a good place and try to move on with my life by being the best me I can be to honor her.

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I would have 2 young kids to look after solely, so likely drink less! 

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I have no clue what i would do. She's at the moment seven months pregnant, so propably i wouldn't be able to handle it... Scary thought...
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Bigtrain2681 -

Marry her sister, the true love of my life. 


Time to truly "connect" with her/them:)

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Find a way to keep my daughter off the pole is the main thing 

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do you mean my wife or the backup?

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Her dead body
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Try and Box Mayweather
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My auntie got with someone new within 6 months of her husband dying.

I can never understand that.