OtherGround Forums Is Kratom Illegal Now?

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It's disappeared from stores in NC. They have only said they won't be getting more thanks to the FDA.
Is this happening in other parts of the country?
6/16/14 3:34 PM
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I fucking hope not. Shit is wonderful and ive been meaning to pick up some for a while. Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 3:43 PM
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Ttt for anyone with knowledge. Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 4:29 PM
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not in TX bro. tried it for the 1st time a couple weeks ago and it was pretty bad ass. going for round 2 this coming weekend. btw has anyone smoked it yet? been wondering about that
6/16/14 4:33 PM
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I havent. But it is delightful aint it? Nice warm natural opiate Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 4:34 PM
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here you go
6/16/14 4:35 PM
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yea man it almost made me feel like i smoked some weak cannabis and popped a couple hydrocodone. very relaxing
6/16/14 5:31 PM
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In for research Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 5:32 PM
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What does it do? Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 3:20 AM
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Its all good in california. Always ordered online, never went to a smoke shop.

Kratom gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling. Multiple strains kinda like weed. Each one act differently with a different feel. Make sure u read up before you buy. http://kratomonline.org is a good place to start.

12/24/14 4:27 AM
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Is this dangerous like that spice stuff? Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 4:39 AM
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CurseoftheUFC - Is this dangerous like that spice stuff? Phone Post 3.0
This would be my first question as well Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 4:54 AM
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CurseoftheUFC - Is this dangerous like that spice stuff? Phone Post 3.0
Not at all.... Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 4:55 AM
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I posted on this on the other kratom thread.
Kratom king. Google it. Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 10:26 AM
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This a herb or some hack morphine analogue? Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 10:40 AM
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I just looked up the other kratom thread, so I'll check that out.

But I'd like to hear experiences of kratom, how you use it, how often, what it does for you, etc.

I've read a little bit about it on the Bold & Determined blog, then followed that to the Good Looking Loser site. Victor from B&D makes a tea out of it. The dude at GLL kept using all types of different pseudo-nomenclature. Like he kept saying "burn" (as if it was an incense), but would also say that's not what "burn" meant. So I don't know.

Victor talks about how productive it can make you - way better than most racetams, but not quite as good as modafinil.

The GLL guy talks about how it can give you more confidence, chill you out, and more, depending on what strain you use. Then he talks about how you should "burn" a different strain every day, that different strains do different things, and so on. The info over there seemed to be a bit scattered.

I didn't even know you could get kratom in NC - I thought it had to be bought online & imported? The GLL guy said that unless you did, it was shit product. (But then again, he has his own site where he sells it, so it behooves him to say that, too.)

Where do (did?) you buy it - tobacco shops?

I feel like this stuff would be cool to know about, but I literally know shit about it.

If it helps with focus, concentration, or other stuff like that, then cool. If it's just a spice-type thing where it's a (wannabe) replacement for weed, I'm not real interested.

Can anyone give (or point to) some basic info?
12/24/14 10:47 AM
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Does anyone know if there are bad side effects from using kratom daily?

12/24/14 10:49 AM
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crzyJenks -

Does anyone know if there are bad side effects from using kratom daily?

Probably Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 10:50 AM
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Later Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 11:45 AM
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crzyJenks - 

Does anyone know if there are bad side effects from using kratom daily?

Yes you can get addicted to kratom. Tolerance goes high very fast in my experience. Read up on it at a few forums. Stay away from extracts in the beginning... you shouldn't need them. The stuff does work, be careful not to take too much or you will get the "wobbles" !
12/24/14 11:49 AM
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something random - Never heard of it but just ordered some online. Looks like a fine powder.

So what do I do with it to smoke? Sprinkle in a joint or what? Phone Post 3.0

You take about a tablespoon of it. But be forewarned, it taste fucking awful. It's like eating sawdust. A capsule maker resolves that problem though, but you gotta swallow a lot of capsules.

12/24/14 11:52 AM
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antifret - This a herb or some hack morphine analogue? Phone Post 3.0

It's opiate-like, but unrelated to opiates (it's actually related to coffee).

12/24/14 11:55 AM
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CurseoftheUFC - Is this dangerous like that spice stuff? Phone Post 3.0

It's completely different...

No, it's never had any fatalities from overdosing, but it can be addictive and come with withdrawal symptoms. If you take too much in one sitting you'll get dizzy and throw up.

12/24/14 11:55 AM
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Go to your local vitamin store and get 000 size gel capsules fill up with the Kratom powder and take with plenty of water.

For a beginner I would recommend starting with 5 or 7 000 capsules.

The Kratom leave are waste. Try a couple different powders.... They all seem to react differently with people. Phone Post 3.0
12/24/14 12:05 PM
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Now as far as over all feeling goes, it can be euphoric similar to an opiate and sitmulating like caffeine. But it can also knock you on your ass where you just don't want to move or even put you to sleep like you smoked an indica.

I know they say different strains effect you differently, but you can get different effects even from the same strain. For example, some insist you have to take it on an empty stomach. It will kick in a little faster (it usually takes me an hour to feel it), but as soon as you eat you'll feel a heavy body buzz and possibly tired. When I take it I eat a small meal immediately after and feel rather stimulated. But the next meal after this will make me feel heavy and sleepy.

Dosing depends on the person, but I prefer the 5-10 gram range. Lower doses are typically more stimulating than heavier ones. Heavier doses also come with more side effects, like dehydration and possible constipation, as well as a alcohol-type hangover.