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"Iraq on verge of collapse as Isis jihadists march on Baghdad"

"Crumbling Iraq feels like the fall of Saigon"

"Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki calls for state of emergency after insurgents take control, makes desperate call for all males to volunteer to fight Islamists"

"Sharia Law Imposed In Iraq By ISIS Jihadists Bent On Implementing An Islamic Caliphate"


The al-Qaeda-inspired militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ordered its fighters on Thursday to start the less than 60 mile advance towards the Iraqi capital Baghdad after winning major territories and defeating armed forces in the country's northern regions.

Half a million refugees fled the Islamic militants for Baghdad, as Mosul's streets were littered with corpses of civilians and anyone in a security uniform.

ISIS is re-drawing the map of the Middle East as their heavily-armed forces stormed towards Baghdad.

A Reuters reporter saw policemen swapping their uniforms for plain clothes and discarding their weapons before fleeing the city. The bodies of soldiers and policemen, some of them mutilated, littered the streets.

"Mosul now is like hell. It's up in flames," said Amina Ibrahim, who was leaving the city with her young children.

"We can't beat them. We can't. They are well trained in street fighting and we're not. We need a whole army to drive them out" one officer said.

"They're like ghosts: they appear to hit and disappear within seconds."

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The families of every soldier that died in Iraq should be furious.

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Thanks, Bushama.
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Fathead D - 

The families of every soldier that died in Iraq should be furious.

should have been furious long before this.
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Pretty sad. Phone Post 3.0
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Time for Sharia.

Just by looking at them, they seem to be competent. Would need a real army to defeat them.
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Rats. We leave and they scamper out of their fucken holes. They were hiding, sucking each others cocks waiting for the day we left so they could come out and act like tough guys. Fuck them.
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Metal Box Combatives - Pretty sad. Phone Post 3.0

Indeed. Sad situation in Iraq these days.....
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Best Toyota ad ever!

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Fighting -

Tough guys now that we don't have boots on the ground.  Mudering faggotts.

I am an Iraq vet. I was there for OIF 2 and the surge. I lost friends there, and I'm really upset that it has come to this. I knew, and I think anyone that has ever seen the Iraqi security forces knew, that it would eventually come to this. I have a suspicion that I'm going to go back for another round. Part of me wants to go back, because on some level I miss it. The rational side of me wants no part of it. I've served my time, and there are plenty of men and families who have sacrificed much more than I have. We'll see. Phone Post 3.0
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Holy fuck, why didn't we, "Highway of Death" these fuckers?

Like this?


Bush Sr. knew how to get shit done, and you guys gave him ONE term.

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Bush Sr. and Schwarzkopf...back when we were an actual and serious real Country.
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Jack Carter - 

Best Toyota ad ever!

I thought "sponsored by Toyota" when I saw it.
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Moke - Bush Sr. and Schwarzkopf...back when we were an actual and serious real Country.

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That convoy on the first pic definitely needs a good Warthogging!!!
6/12/14 8:02 PM
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Tiresias - 
E55 Pilot - 
Moke - Bush Sr. and Schwarzkopf...back when we were an actual and serious real Country.


Yeah, they would have caused democracy to break out in Iraq, no problem!

No, they would have sent the neck beards that sit in Starbucks defending Obama into a meltdown. That in itself would have been worth it.
6/12/14 8:11 PM
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Now we'll arm the people to fight them.

And profit from afar.

It's in the west's interest to have this type of destabilization.

6/12/14 8:30 PM
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maybe it's time we ask ourselves "WWTD?"

(what would Truman do?)
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What a clusterfuck.
6/12/14 8:37 PM
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Am I the only one who thought of "Archer" when I saw (ISIS)?

That would have been a trippy Iraqi takeover.

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Moke - Bush Sr. and Schwarzkopf...back when we were an actual and serious real Country.
This! Phone Post 3.0