OtherGround Forums Man of Steel will suck. I'm 90% sure.

6/11/13 1:19 AM
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1. 300

2. Watchmen

3. Sucker Punch

first 2 could've been good, but Zach Snyder overdoes it with the visuals, and the last one just plain sucked.

i'm giving it a 10% chance only because Chris Nolan was involved, and i'm hoping he pimp-slapped the director to keep him in the right direction.

but more than likely, it'll probably be one of those instances where the trailers were way better than the actual film.
6/11/13 1:24 AM
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Watchmen was very good IMO. Zach Snyder also directed the very good Dawn of the Dead remake.

Christopher Nolan is producing it and David Goyer wrote it.

All Zach Snyder has to do is make a movie that is successful enough to make enough money to reboot the franchise. Anything else is a bonus.
6/11/13 1:32 AM
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early reviews are high praise. I think it's gonna be freaking sweet Phone Post 3.0
6/11/13 1:36 AM
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I gotta say, I'm on the fence, I want it to be good,,,,,,, looks good in the ads Phone Post 3.0
6/11/13 1:36 AM
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Reason your opinion sucks, you listed Watchmen.
6/11/13 1:47 AM
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1. 300 was great

2. Was good, could have been better

3. Great if you take it for what it was, which is a series of bad ass music videos
6/11/13 2:15 AM
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I thought Sucker Punch was rad as hell. Phone Post 3.0
6/11/13 2:23 AM
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As someone who doesn't read comic books AT ALL, I thought that Watchmen was a serious breath of fresh air in a bloated and gassy genre. So it counts toward Snyder's credit, not against. 300 kind of sucked but in another way, it greatly succeeded in what it wanted to and has thus transcended itself. Not my favorite by any means but not exactly piss-poor you know? God knows I've given M. Night Shyamalan more chances to redeem himself after much worse showings... if that makes sense.

Christopher Nolan, on the other hand, is absolutely rock-solid and has earned my trust. I will watch ANYTHING that he is involved in, and have felt this way since he captured my admiration with his indomitable direction of The Prestige.
6/11/13 2:43 AM
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Only negative is the early reviews are saying how serious it is. I want a goofy good time with my super heroes but I guess the avengers crew gets that's Phone Post 3.0
6/11/13 2:50 AM
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6/11/13 2:52 AM
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Man of Steel Sequel Green-lighted



6/11/13 2:54 AM
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I was pretty excited when I saw the trailer but when you hear him speak about his father saying the world wasn't ready for him he sounds a little emo and a bit light in the loafers. Phone Post
6/11/13 2:54 AM
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IGN gave MoS 9/10. Good enough for me.
6/11/13 2:55 AM
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"Man of Steel will suck. I'm 90% sure."

so i have a 1 in 10 chance of going to see it and enjoying it?

6/11/13 2:56 AM
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I know this is contrary to popular opinion but I didn't think Sucker Punch was all that bad. I got out of it what I wanted. Watchmen was pretty true to the graphic novel which I've always thought was overrated. Phone Post
6/11/13 2:58 AM
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yah.. kinda dont like a stoneface serious Superman.. i prefer the clumsy oaf comical Clark Kent/Superman.. aka. Christopher Reeve.

Only plus might be the supposed rumors of another super hero sneak peak kinda like Marvel has done with their franchises..

Supposed to setup another movie which in turn will lead to Justice League movie iirc.. Phone Post
6/11/13 3:53 AM
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DC seems to have pinned its hollywood hopes on Christopher Nolan, which is why I think he can't afford to let people down with a shitty MoS

if MoS does well, Nolan never has to work for money again (well i guess he doesn't right now, but you know what I mean)
6/11/13 3:55 AM
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it will suck because superman is the fucking lamest hero in the history of comics, fucking nerdy momma's boy who is stronger than anybody who ever existed with no weaknesses.

oh yeah, a rock makes him weak.

fuck superman.

6/11/13 3:57 AM
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Here's a few my predictions based on the trailers.

1. It'll be the most epic comic action ever seen. Lots of it, perhaps too much in an attempt to hide the weaker plot elements.

2. the plot will be bloated and clunky. Lots of wtf moments. More like the dark knight rises an a lot less like batman begins or the dark knight. Probably with flashback scenes galore.

3. They're gonna try to make superman super serious and we will have few to no comedic moments. He'll also lack the warmth and heart of Reeves in exchange for the more strong silent type.

4. Thousands of humans will die and for plot reasons it won't really bother superman at all. Nor will he try to take the fight away from the places where more humans will be killed. then it'll probably come down to him having to save Lois or an innocent person right before he takes out Zod.

5. A giant mechanical spider of some sort. Lol

I'm excited for this film but I seriously doubt it's gonna have a great plot or pacing.

Fingers crossed! Phone Post 3.0
6/11/13 4:00 AM
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Oh another thing.

Superman and Lois Lanes relationship is gonna be really contrived. There won't be much of any reason for him to be attracted to her but he still will be for whatever reason. Phone Post 3.0
6/11/13 4:10 AM
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QUAAAAIIIIIDDD - i have never in my life waited for the release of a movie so badly in my entire life. this is it. it doesn't get bigger than this.

I am the biggest Terminator fan i know. i believe that Terminator Salvation had the potential to be one of the best movies ever made. the story line could have been beyond epic. the fight scenes and war scenes and all the after judgment day glory.

but it was the most disappointed and confused i have ever been in a theater. i actually threw my drink at the screen and walked out 10 mins before the ending.

i doubt anything will disappoint me more than that.

6/11/13 4:11 AM
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This film is going to be amazing. Here is why:

5) British lead
4) Snyder
3) Nolan
2) Zod
1) Born in the 70s with Superman movie nostalgia

Perfect storm trailers looked lame but I had faith. Recent action trailers look superb. So it will have a great mix of story/drama with action.

A giant robot spider, at this point, would be a hilarious Easter egg. Phone Post
6/11/13 4:46 AM
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ender852 -

it will suck because superman is the fucking lamest hero in the history of comics, fucking nerdy momma's boy who is stronger than anybody who ever existed with no weaknesses.

oh yeah, a rock makes him weak.

fuck superman.

Finally someone that agrees with me. Every time I say this I get flamed. Superman is a character that can be created by a child, so uncreative and unimaginative. However, I'm a sucker for superhero movies and I will watch man of steel as it looks pretty good. Phone Post
6/11/13 5:07 AM
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I don't enjoy superhero movies. Except Batman. The dark knight series Fucking killed it. Phone Post
6/11/13 6:35 AM
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ender852 -

it will suck because superman is the fucking lamest hero in the history of comics, fucking nerdy momma's boy who is stronger than anybody who ever existed with no weaknesses.

oh yeah, a rock makes him weak.

fuck superman.

Awesome. Phone Post 3.0