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10/19/13 12:24 AM
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Somehow, B17s Netflix thread "recommend a hidden gem".got deleted. It was huge, had lots of great suggestions and people regularly updated it with new releases. It served as hidden gem recommendations and a official Netflix thread for letting others know when new movies came to streaming.

With this thread we start again.

Recommend a hidden gem our what you've been watching on Netflix lately. Phone Post
10/19/13 12:27 AM
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Since it's October, it's horror movie season and Netflix had plenty of scary titles.

A movie that is fantastic but i am sure is skipped over a lot is "Trick R Treat" it looks like one of those cheesy b horror movies (thankskilling etc) but is actually a really smart fun horror flick with several intertwined stories. An absolute fantastic halloween watch. So check it out!

Trick R Treat Phone Post
10/19/13 12:28 AM
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They have also just added Evil Dead (the 80s one) always a freaky watch fire this time of year. Phone Post
10/19/13 12:40 AM
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Outrage Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 12:41 AM
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In for ideas Phone Post
10/19/13 12:44 AM
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Anomandaris -


That shit will fuck you up

Shory synopsis? Phone Post
10/19/13 12:44 AM
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MisterDerp - Outrage Phone Post 3.0
Short synopsis? Phone Post
10/19/13 12:45 AM
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That shit will fuck you up

Shory synopsis? Phone Post
Short* Phone Post
10/19/13 12:53 AM
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10/19/13 2:18 AM
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Snow on tha bluff Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 2:37 AM
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Sagiv Lapkin -


Came to say this Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 2:39 AM
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In Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 2:41 AM
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What's it about? Phone Post
10/19/13 2:41 AM
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Came to say this Phone Post 3.0
This. Also, I'm hooked on hell on wheels cause B17s thread. Rest in peace b17! Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 2:41 AM
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Iamtheonepercent - Snow on tha bluff Phone Post 3.0
Great movie, not for everyone but i thought it was great. Phone Post
10/19/13 3:22 AM
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In Phone Post
10/19/13 4:12 AM
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Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends

The Last Gladiator is a must for all Hockey fans...

Luther (of course)

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Harry Brown

I Saw The Devil/Battle Royale/The Raid for fans of Asian cinema Phone Post
10/19/13 4:18 AM
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i was actually going to post in your other one that you could consider watching some good movies. the raid ! that was a good one. i liked valhalla rising but its pretty weird, you gotta accept its a weird one. good parts though. and i liked how there wasnt a lot of talking all the time and good landscape. i liked ironclad as well.
10/19/13 4:28 AM
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Luther is out of control good.

The fall is similar with Gillian Anderson. Very good bbc show. Realistic killer any creepy .

Derek is amazing tv but not for everyone. Definitely a passion project.

Two frenchies: tell no one and point blank.
Both thrillers and very different.

Can't go wrong with elite squad (the one on Netflix is #2)

Wake in fright is a weird Aussie one nobody has seen, good watch.

The Hole is a great little horror flick low on gore high on atmosphere.

The Maniac remake is worthy, creepy and cruel. Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 6:19 AM
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In Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 6:23 AM
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In Phone Post
10/19/13 6:32 AM
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In Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 6:35 AM
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Luther is great.

Also, I know it's well-known but if you're American try watching the UK version of The Office. So rewatchable. Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 6:47 AM
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Fun little alien movie I recommend all the time. Nobody ever watches it, but the few friends I've managed to convince to watch over the years have all enjoyed it
10/19/13 8:00 AM
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The Vicious Kind Phone Post