OtherGround Forums OK.......... the ole shooter is having a breakdown

5/17/17 7:07 PM
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havent worked in 3 weeks, havent had to actually look for a job for over 20 years.

miss my ex wife tremendously (shes passed away due to drugs)

its hard to even get out of bed even though im only sleeping like 2 hours a day

got no motivation to live or die.....
5/17/17 7:08 PM
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Go and see a professional counsellor.
Edited: 5/17/17 7:08 PM
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This too shall pass.

Force yourself to exercise. It will make you feel better and help you sleep.
5/17/17 7:09 PM
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this def isnt an ama
i cant post on here all day

im even afraid of the online world right now

no insurance, have you ever seen the price of cobra????
5/17/17 7:09 PM
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That's tough Shoot. I'm sorry to hear that. There was a time I couldn't get out of bed for days as well. Maybe look at a small dose of an anti-depressant. As for work? If you can afford it get your body in good health and slowly get back into the workforce. Mental health can be so debilitating. You will want to work. That's what men do. It gets old not working. 

5/17/17 7:10 PM
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havent exercised since i got married

over 20 something years
5/17/17 7:10 PM
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Try starting an exercise routine.
5/17/17 7:11 PM
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5/17/17 7:12 PM
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yeah man, go see some professional help.  no shame in getting better

5/17/17 7:13 PM
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shootfightermike - havent exercised since i got married

over 20 something years

I hate giving advice because I feel like it is pretty arrogant to think I would have any idea what you are going through. I can send you the most positive vibes and best wishes for a better time. It is a good time to be looking for a job. All the best shooter. Everyone deserves a happy life. 

5/17/17 7:13 PM
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how does an unemployed bum bet professional help?

no insurance
5/17/17 7:14 PM
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also im physically breaking down

barely eating or sleeping

drinking way too much
5/17/17 7:15 PM
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if i didnt have dogs that rely on me being alive..............?

i seriously would be in worse times
5/17/17 7:16 PM
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exercise, but i know thats not what you want to hear right now.  honestly you need some friends, need to get out. we're here for you bro.

5/17/17 7:16 PM
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Yeah, go talk to someone.

If you can't get to a psychologist or something like that then head over to a church.

While things are bad (maybe even the worst ever) for you right now you are by no means at the end of the line.

There are tons of douchebags walking around right now who are pieces of shit. You're not one of them.

Not sure if you can PM a mudnamer but if you want send me a PM and we can talk on the phone.

Post the area where you live and what kind of work you were doing. Maybe the luck of the OG will be able to point you in the right direction.
5/17/17 7:17 PM
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You aren't eligible for medicaid?
5/17/17 7:18 PM
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thanks guys

im going to sit outside and read a book now while my dogs chase things

will not be gone forever!
5/17/17 7:18 PM
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starting walking/jogging. Reward yourself 1 oreo for every 2000 steps. Find a hooker with a nice bush. 

5/17/17 7:19 PM
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Write down what you need to do tomorrow.

Set your alarm for what time you are getting up to start

Wake up when alarm goes off and complete your list.

Keep repeating


Sorry about your ex wife

5/17/17 7:25 PM
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No matter how overwhelming your current situation may feel just remember that one day you will die and that in the moments before death you would give anything to be exactly where you are at the moment. You must change your perspective first.
5/17/17 7:30 PM
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shootfightermike - havent exercised since i got married

over 20 something years
Start with 10 push-ups then do ten more a little later. Even if you can only do 5 just start. After the first set you'll start to feel better. You need to clean that negative brain shit out every once in a while, exercise does it.
5/17/17 7:32 PM
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dont leave us

it wouldnt be the same without the ol' shooter

5/17/17 7:36 PM
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shootfightermike - thanks guys

im going to sit outside and read a book now while my dogs chase things

will not be gone forever!

Great idea.

Good luck.
5/17/17 7:41 PM
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Best of luck - stay strong!
5/17/17 7:48 PM
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Get a manual job and get your sweat on.

Lose weight, make money, get laid, repeat.

Then post THAT shit on teh OG.