OtherGround Forums OMA is in legal trouble again.

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Suspect charged with entering multiple homes in Alexandria without permission

ALEXANDRIA, La. (APD) - On April 15, around 6:30 p.m., APD officers responded to the area of Heyman Lane, near Nachman School, to a report of a suspicious person.

A resident in the area had reported that a male suspect had knocked on the door and claimed to have been bitten by a dog. The male then left the house and went in an unknown direction.

Officers patrolled the area looking for the suspect. Shortly after, a second complaint was reported from a house on Tanglewood Drive, near Heyman Lane. It was reported at this residence that a male suspect had knocked on the door, and when the residents answered, the male walked into the house without permission. The residents reported they did not know the male, nor did he have permission to enter their home.

Shortly after, while officers continued to look for the subject, one officer on Tanglewood Drive was approached by a 15-year-old who said an unidentified male was in his house. Officers ran to the house and located the suspect, identified as Beau Taylor, hiding in the backyard. Officers learned that Taylor had entered this house by crawling through a dog door, and then walked through the house mumbling to himself. Taylor had reportedly used drugs earlier and felt that someone was following him.

Taylor was charged with two counts of unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, and an outstanding warrant for contempt of court. He was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

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Obvios troll is obvious


No source

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I'm going to need Quik to make a new t-shirt.
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This place must be near a dairy queen
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Was waiting for a joke. Nope, he's really doing weird shit.
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Interestingly, her walked through the dog door without having to bend over at all.

even had enough room to twirl a cane.
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Benntheredunthat - I'm going to need Quik to make a new t-shirt.

Nothing like a Quik t-shirt

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T-Ham -

Obvios troll is obvious


No source

Looks real

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Dude, WTF is going on?



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He's a strange cat.

But if one man can clear his name, it's his old friend Detective Jake Shields.
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Wow... looks like it might be legit.

Sad if true.

He was a fun troll for a while.

Looked happy posting all those wedding pictures.

Had a cute wife.

Wonder what happened to him.

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was he smoking synthetic weed?
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Is this really him? I haven't been here long enough to know if this is a joke or not.

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StankieEdgar -


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StankieEdgar - 
T-Ham -

Obvios troll is obvious


No source

Looks real

Yeah it's real. You can go to the website and search his name.

Has he been hanging out with Mayhem lately?
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Gib - Interestingly, her walked through the dog door without having to bend over at all.

even had enough room to twirl a cane.

Lol, and he didn't mess up his hair.

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More lies from that troll Kimo

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Its legit.

He was probably drunk or high.

That or he's gone senile.

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What a loser. He's turning into an elf.