OtherGround Forums Parker/Duncan vs Stockton/Malone

6/12/14 11:33 PM
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Who do you take?

Side note: God damn the Spurs are fun to watch. I love the unselfish play. They aren't looking to pad stats or pump their chest after a play, or play to the crowd. They just play awesome basketball. What a franchise for so many years. Phone Post 3.0
6/12/14 11:36 PM
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He fits right in with their attitude. The monster follow dunk he had this game. What does he do? Just gets back on d. That's it. No smile, no demonstration, no look at me, no nothing. Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 12:36 AM
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I'd take Parker and TD for sure. Winning >>>>Stats

6/13/14 3:31 AM
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Ttt Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 3:48 AM
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I would take Parker and Duncan, they have more rings.
6/13/14 3:49 AM
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Stockton and Malone made each other great. Parker doesn't make Duncan great he's not a true pg.

But obviously rings would be the choice Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 4:30 AM
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Same fucking love watching the team work.

But yes td and Parker all day Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 7:35 AM
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Mind blown. Gif Phone Post 3.0
6/13/14 7:41 AM
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it would be a crazy 2 on 2
6/13/14 3:57 PM
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Malone is second all time in points I think. Stockton all time assist and steals leader. 18 seasons together never missed playoffs. Phone Post 3.0