OtherGround Forums Sunday Roll Call--What's the plan?

7/20/14 4:24 PM
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ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's the plan for this Sunday???

I spent the morning laying mulch, mowing the grass, and explaining to my wife that I can paint a fence faster and more efficiently than her 71 year old father.

Then hit 6 rounds of the Team Quest Barbell Workout.

Now I am spending the afternoon in the office working.

Let's hear it!!! What is going on this Sunday

OG until the world blows up my dudes!!!
7/20/14 4:25 PM
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Got up, walked dogs, went to Starbucks, ran 4 miles, worked 3 hours. I'm on my lazy ass in the recliner now, where I shall remain for the rest of the day (except for food and restroom).

The end.
7/20/14 4:34 PM
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^^^^^ heck of a day!!
7/20/14 4:35 PM
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Putting in a 16 hour day. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 4:37 PM
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Getting ready to grill some swordfish ...... Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 4:38 PM
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How do you season Swordfish?? Never tried grilling it
7/20/14 4:42 PM
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At work for another hour goin to gym for some cardio and hit the road to watch some good ol dirt track racing! Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 4:44 PM
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woke up, mowed lawn, cookin wings, going to pool, cookin salmon burgers

7/20/14 4:59 PM
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Chefs knife and a damascus tanto. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:26 PM
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Tell me more about this TQ workouts

I am working. And by working, I mean I am laying in my bed at the airbase, enjoying the AC, and fucking around on the og. I tried to take a nap and failed.

I had steak & eggs for breakfast, salami & cheese for lunch. Considering something green for dinner. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 9:39 PM
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awhile back a training partner of mine told me to youtube something called the team quest barbell workout. You keep the weight the same and it's basically a barbell complex.

Bent-Over Row x8
Upright Row x8
OHP x8
Good Morning x8
Lunge x8 per leg
Squat-Push Press x8
Romanian Deadlift x8

try and do it for 6 rounds with 45-60 seconds rest between rounds
7/21/14 12:09 AM
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I'll def give her a go, its time to mix it up a little bit and this fits the bill. Phone Post 3.0