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Deion Sanders

Known during his NFL career as “Prime Time,” NFL legend Deion Sanders’s oversized mega mansion is a perfect match for his flashy style. This 29,123-square-foot home, dubbed the “Ultimate Party and Family Ranch,” has an indoor basketball court, a bowling alley, a football field, a tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, and it’s very own 12-acre lake. Sanders listed his Prosper, Texas mansion for $21 million back in 2011, but wasn’t able to find a buyer.

Tony Romo

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo kept true to the old “Everything is bigger in Texas” when he custom built this enormous 32,515 square-foot mansion. Dallas real estate experts estimate Romo paid at least $3 million for the land, and close to $6 million for the construction. But that’s pocket change for a guy who signed a $108 million contract.

Peyton Manning
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning paid $4.57 million for this 16,464-square-foot mansion in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. In addition to the 7-bedrooms and 10-bathrooms, Manning’s mansion has an elevator, and a dog room with an indoor/outdoor heated kennel. The future Hall-of-Famer got a good deal — the house was originally purchased in 2005 for $5.7 million.


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DeMarcus Ware

While playing for the Dallas Cowboys, All-Pro DeMarcus Ware purchased this newly built 10,000-square-foot home. The English style home was custom built in 2008, has 6-bedrooms, 7-bathrooms, and is located in a beautiful gated community in Dallas.  As far as amenities, Ware’s mansion features 7-fireplaces, a trampoline, wine cellar, and a putting green. Not sure why you need a fireplace (or 7) when you live in Texas, but money ain’t a thing for Ware — who has already made more than $75 million in his career.

Tom Brady
Why bother saving the best for last… Brady and supermodel wife Gisele, bought this sprawling palace in 2008 for $11 million. The 18,298-square-foot mansion has 5-bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a gym, a sauna, and 7-fireplaces. In 2014, Brady sold the house to hip hop legend Dr. Dre for $40 million (not a typo). Pretty nice return on his investment!

Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman paid $2.3 million for this 9,435-square-foot mansion just outside of Seattle. Sherman bought the home from another pro athlete, Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford. Sherman’s new home includes a ton of luxurious amenities — an indoor swimming pool, floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, a basketball court, and a beauty salon.

Reggie Bush
Compared to the other mega mansions on this list, Reggie Bush’s 4,831-square-foot home in Hollywood, California is “tiny.” But whatever the house lacks in size, it makes up for in amenities. The former Heisman Trophy winner’s pad features a state-of-the-art theater room, an elevator, a library, a custom BBQ area, and a pool and spa. Bush purchased the property in 2007 for $4.7 million.

Warren Sapp
Since retiring in 2007, it’s been a long road for Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp. Ridiculous spending habits forced Sapp to file for bankruptcy in 2012, and auction off his $7 million Florida mansion for just $2.9 million. This 15,162 square-foot mega mansion is topped off by an Olympic sized swimming pool and custom built water slide.


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Patrick Peterson
Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson purchased this Mediterranean-style villa in 2011 for $1.3 million. But don’t be fooled by the price tag, this 8,300-square-foot home features hand-painted ceilings, marble pillars, a 22-foot fireplace, a billiards room, a home theater, and two separate swimming pools. And if you decide 6-bedrooms and 8-bathrooms just isn’t enough space, Peterson has a detached guest house that offers an additional 1,050-square-feet.

Frank Gore
Former 49ers running back Frank Gore owns a beautiful Mediterranean-style estate built into a California canyon. Details of Gore’s home are unknown, but it’s safe to assume his luxurious California crib features a ridiculous numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, a massive home theater, a chef style kitchen, and at least a few other amenities. Gore might have a hard time finding this type of scenery in Indianapolis.

LaDainian Tomlinson
There is nothing modest about LaDainian Tomlinson’s breathtaking 9,610-square-foot mansion in California. This custom compound includes a basketball court, a wall-sized fish tank, golf green, and a bridge over its massive pool. If that’s not enough, L.T. also had a movie theater built with a 1967 Ford Mustang split in half to create a drive-in movie experience. He paid $3.5 million for the house in 2004, and has spent at least $1.5 million on custom renovations.

Matt Forte
If you’re thinking, “wow that looks more like an apartment building,” that’s because it practically is. In 2014, Chicago Bears’ running back Matt Forte paid over $4 million for this ginormous mansion in downtown Chicago. The 9,000 square foot home includes a 60 foot tall spiral staircase, a 20 person home theater, and a rooftop big enough to host a party for all of his teammates and coaches.


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In for Holyfields monstrosity.
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Some of these guys aren't smart.
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Rob Gronkowski
One can only imagine the insane pool parties that took place at Rob Gronkowski’s 4,781-square-foot waterfront estate in Tampa. Gronk paid $1.6 million for this home in Westshore Yacht Club back in late 2012, but decided to sell it after just one year. According to Gronk’s real estate agent, he wasn’t able to visit Tampa enough to enjoy the property. It seems like Vegas would be a more fitting place for Gronk and his entourage…

Derek Jeter
“Yeah Jeets Yeah!” Had to be going through his mind when Derek Jeter purchased what is now known to his Tampa Bay neighbors as “St. Jetersburg.”  Standing at a whopping 30,000 square feet, Jeter’s home holds 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a spa, a pool, multiple yacht decks, and 2 3-car garages.

Jeter’s Tampa home is valued at $12,000,000.00.  Oh yeah Jeets! Oh yeah.

Anna Kournikova
Anna’s 20,000 square foot Miami beach mansion is shared with Enrique Iglesias and lies amongst some of the most illustrious star company. With neighbors like Cher, Lil Wayne, Billy Joel, Matt Damon, and Ricky Martin, there must be some outrageously entertaining block parties.

The estimated value of their home is at a whopping $26,000,000.00.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant’s Newport mansion spreads 20,000 square feet, and includes perks like a shark tank, hair salon, and tennis court.  Newport is a far drive to the Staples center, and when you factor in that LA traffic, it would be impossible for Kobe to drive to games.  Luckily for him, his private helicopter takes care of that.

Bryant bought the home for $1.7 million and it is now valued at $8,600,000.00.



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quiksilver101 - In for Holyfields monstrosity.
Are you referring to his BBC? Phone Post 3.0
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Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh has more million-dollar mansions than most families have cars. Owning homes in Florida, Texas, and California, all three are in the top 10 of the most expensive homes owned by a current professional NBA player.

Sitting atop that list as his most expensive is his mansion located in Palisades, California. The house measures up at 10,775 square feet and includes an in-house movie theatre, a billiards room, and a full-sized basketball court. The craziest part about this is Bosh does not even live there, and is currently renting it out for a measly $40,000/month.

The Cali home is valued at $12,500,000.00.
By chance does anybody know what a house like this should be renting for? Sounds like way more then 40K that is being reported.
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Mannings house does not look nearly that impressive in person.
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Alex Rodriguez
Jeter isn’t the only Yankee to make the list, joining him is Alex Rodriguez with his Miami Beach home. Inside the 20,000 square foot mansion sits a steam room, home theatre, gym, 9 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, rooftop deck, 3,000 square foot sports room, and 275 feet of ocean front with two separate yacht docks.

A-rod’s home is valued at $38,000,000.

Michael Jordan
Jordan’s Illinois mansion spreads 56,000 square feet and contains, an NBA sized basketball court, a pool, a tennis court, and a weight room. Originally Jordan listed the estate at $29 million, but was having a tough time finding a buyer.

Now the home is listed at $16,000,000.

Barry Bonds
His home stands at over 17,000 square feet and sits on a lot about 1.85-acres in size. Inside this Italian-style home you’ll find 30-foot ceilings which comfortably house a 12-seat movie theater, “commercial-grade” gym, and a 2,100 square foot sports court.

Bonds’ home is estimated to be valued at $23,500,000.
. Tom Brady
Not all of these mega homes are 5 figure square foot mansions. Tom Brady and his wife Giselle Bunchen just recently bought an apartment in the heart of New York City at One Madison. The 60-story building is right across the street from Madison Square Park on East 22nd, and features a private gym, butler-serviced dining room, and the icing on the cake: amazing skyline views of NYC.

This apartment which sits on top of the world is valued at $14,000,000.

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Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather’s incredible mansion sits in the middle of the Las Vegas desert. It boasts 24-foot ceilings that hang crystal chandeliers with walls draped in red silk and textured glass.

Floyd is no stranger to spending on every luxury imaginable outside his home, and inside is no different.  A tour through his mansion will reveal a two-story movie theater, touch-screen video games affixed to the kitchen counter, a 12-person shower, a 600 square foot walk-in closet, and over $15 million in cars.

Mayweather’s home is valued $3,400,000. Surprisingly cheap, but that’s vegas!
Tiger Woods
It’s only fitting that Tiger Woods build a custom Four Hole Golf course onto his Jupiter Island Mansion. Following his divorce, Woods also installed a full-sized tennis court, an oxygen tank room, a full gym, and multiple swimming pools.
Post renovations, Tiger’s home is valued between $65,000,000 and $70,000,000.
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"a trampoline"


Woah! Look at this high roller!

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Redman's crib ftw. Phone Post 3.0
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Jack Carter -

"a trampoline"


Woah! Look at this high roller!

Ha ha ha. Phone Post 3.0
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Joe Montana — $35 Million

San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is currently asking for a $35,000,000 check for his Napa Valley home. The estate is a 9,700 square foot Mediterranean style mansion. The home is complete with equestrian stables, a skeet shooting station, full olive farm, private pond, swimming pool, basketball court, and a bocce ball court. “Villa Montana” as it is called, sits atop a hill overlooking the California wine country. According to Montana he “can’t think of a better expression of art, architecture, and celebration of California’s wine country and equestrian life than Villa Montana.”

David Beckham — $39.6 Million


David Beckham and his wife Victoria recently purchased a four story mansion in the heart of central London. The couple paid $39,600,000 for the property. They are currently in the process of doing $6,600,000 worth of restorations to the mansion which was constructed in the 1880s. These renovations include a catwalk, full nail salon, secret entrances, and underground tunnel which will lead in and out of an Oriental-style garden in the backyard. The home measure 9,000 square feet and has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It has come to be known as “New Beckingham Palace” around the United Kingdom.

Greg Norman — $65 Million


Golfer Greg Norman is currently asking $65,000,000 for his home in the most exclusive neighborhood in the United States, Jupiter Island in Florida. Norman purchased the home in 1991 for just $4,500,000 and has seen the real estate prices in his area sky rocket. The mansion features four bedrooms, a 17 car garage, tennis courts, pool, and an ocean dock. That of course is not to mention all the standards one would expect in a mansion such as a gourmet kitchen, library, and wine cellar. He also has a two bedroom guest house. He has set up a putting green, sand bunker, and 80-yard pitch shot course on his 5,500 square foot west lawn.
Cristiano Ronaldo: 12.6 Million
Jerry Rice: 14.5 Million
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Tom Brady's house belongs to Gisele.
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Alonzo Mourning: 14.6 Million
Where: Coral Gables, Florida

Size: 13,000 sq.ft.

Features: Eight bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, library, gym, four car garage, infinity pool, and outside kitchen


Adrian Beltre: 19.8 Million

Where: Bradbury, California
Size: 16,600 sq.ft.
Features: Seven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, putting green, basketball court, tennis court, infinity pool, indoor batting cage, and golf green
Greg Norman: 65 Million

Where: Jupiter Island, Florida
Size: 18,000 sq.ft.
Features: Eight acres of land including some ocean front property, six buildings total that can park up to 17 cars.
If you owned this home you would be paying a monthly note in the range of $200,000, every month.
I still can't believe Greg Norman is the athlete with the most expensive home. He also owns a ranch in Colorado worth a measly $55 million.

Who is ballin' now?


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VU to you CavRyda.
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It's not on the list but jj watts is my favorite Phone Post 3.0
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WhiskeyWithered - It's not on the list but jj watts is my favorite Phone Post 3.0
Well his cabin is Phone Post 3.0
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What a bunch of fucking ugly houses
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Not technically a house but Cristiano Ronaldo bought his manager Jorge Mendes a Greek island for his wedding present.

I am sure there are places to reside on the island... Phone Post 3.0
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Jesus. It would take you a whole day to get from one side of Jordan's house to the other Phone Post 3.0
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awesome thread.
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If my house was that size I would never leave home! You would never be bored!!! Phone Post 3.0