OtherGround Forums What is your favorite dog breed/s?

7/20/14 5:58 PM
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Please don't turn this into a pit bull debate/argument thread. Thanks.

I have more than one favorite breed.

Pit bull
Boston Terrier
Jack Russel Terrier

I love those dogs and their own unique energy and attitudes.

I grew up with Rottweilers for pets and I couldn't imagine another breed as pets as a kid.

I rescued a pit bull a year ago. She has been the best addition to my family. She's smart, loyal, silly and well behaved.

My friend owns a boston terrier, and a jack russel terrier. Those freaking dogs are a joy to have around. All other JRT and BT that I've been around have almost the exact same energy and attitude that my buddy's have. They're just so much fun and all over the place. Soon as we move to Vegas we're getting a Rottweiler or JRT.

How bout you OG? Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:01 PM
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I love the AST line, but my next dog will be a Dogo Argentino.

I currently don't have a pup.
7/20/14 6:08 PM
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Boxers, nothing else comes close for me Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:09 PM
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Cane Corso Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:12 PM
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Owns a pit Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:12 PM
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Best hunting dog is the german shorthair Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:13 PM
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1. Siberia Husky
2. German Shepherd
3. Belgian Malinois
4. Akita Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:17 PM
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7/20/14 6:17 PM
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Babyhand - Boxers, nothing else comes close for me Phone Post 3.0

+1 boxers are the most loving dogs. my favorite by far

7/20/14 6:18 PM
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Cockers/Cavaliers, Long hair dachshunds, poodles, bijons, all great to own Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:18 PM
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I'm queer. I love my goldendoodle. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:21 PM
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Bassett Hounds. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:22 PM
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I have a Great Dane. Will never own another breed, although my American Bulldog was a great dog. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:23 PM
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English mastiff Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:23 PM
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esque - Working Line German Shepherds. Phone Post 3.0
Boom! Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:25 PM
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Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:26 PM
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my ownPhoto: So lucky to have her in my life

7/20/14 6:30 PM
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Border collies are awesome.

Rhodesian ridgebacks too. Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:33 PM
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Grew up with labs but now have 2 boston terriers. I'll probably never get another breed...unless I get a boxer one day. But for right now it's Boston Terriers for sure Phone Post 3.0
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Boxer and Akita

7/20/14 6:34 PM
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I have an old english bulldog.

Any the mastiff family. Especially the bull mastiff. I want to adopt one soon.

I love just about all breeds, but those are my favorite Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:35 PM
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Here's my boy.

Phone Post 3.0
7/20/14 6:39 PM
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Ive had a shar-pei and mini poodle. My poodle takes the cake. Smarter, and has a ton more personality than any other dog ive been around.
7/20/14 6:40 PM
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Presa canario
English bulldog
French bulldog
Cane corso
Most other mastiff breeds

Although I love most breeds especially breeds that have history sight hounds, bird dogs, terriers, mollosers, spitz all have some incredible breeds in them
7/20/14 6:42 PM
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I own a Siberian Husky and a Jack Russell.

The husky is playful but independent. She enjoys company but doesn't demand it and is happy patrolling the back yard when not being walked. She enjoys human company and gets very excited with new people but the excitement only lasts a few mins and then she's happy either just laying at my feet or patrolling the back yard again. She's a loving dog but you can tell that she's not blindly loyal to the point of stupidity. The husky can be aloof at times and doesn't really enjoy being cuddled (it seems like she tolerates it rather than enjoys it).

The Jack Russell is a big personality. Full of energy and desperate for human attention. Shes happiest when being walked or being cuddled. She liked other people but is very protective if she thinks I'm in danger and won't back down from anything except really loud noises (like fireworks or whatever). She's really small and nimble but has a huge personality. Spends lots of her time curled up on my lap sleeping. Hates to not be by my side.

Want to get a Staffordshire Bull Terrier next but will wait a few more years. Phone Post 3.0